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  1. LOL, yeah the aircraft file is about 90 MB, the liveries are the killer, but they're pretty sweet, it's a clever idea to be honest, has all the avionics of the C, but the shell can be the E/F or G.. Nice to fly about with, and if you use JGSME or OVGME you can swap it about without any issues
  2. You will be lucky to find the old superbug, and literally no chance of anyone sharing it with you, the new Superbug is actually only a shell on the F18C block 20, and not a standalone module, it's decent enough though.
  3. I was talking to my friend at the time and he was talking about dust, I actually meant Unicorn shit ! LOL
  4. LOL, you're better off asking for Unicorn dust.
  5. It's actually not that important, no front line ( Fast Air) operate from it, most of the active Airbases for actual combat missions are either Balad for the Iraqi AF F16's, Taji for the Iraqi Rotary wing, and Al Asad (mixed). I am presently running 2 security teams out of Taji, and see and hear the Mi28's and Mi 35's on a regular basis, my best guess is that Al Mursanat is mostly logistic only to replen the FOB's in and around that Location (Near Korean Village) Now......if they were to expand to cover Al Asad, that would be most welcome too, went there many many times between 2006-2008
  6. Yeah, this is a cracking free addon, might need to sort out some curves on my VKB NXT Pro, but she's a beauty. Took off from the Carrier, did my circuits, and managed to trap a 3 wire first time.. but the lack of Carrier comms is hard to get the coaching from LSO, and Grades too.. It's a beautiful addon guys well done !
  7. Malaysian skins included sir?
  8. If you're not using easy comms, have you tuned into the correct frequencies of the different ATC's ?
  9. so swapped it out, was going well, till I snapped the supplied mini screw driver handle off.. bit of a lick from there, took me 45 mins from that point. The hat switch I swapped out feels very loose, not sure If I'm going to like that, I've a feeling the rotation should have been different, but can't do fuck all till I get another screwdriver to fix it !
  10. I will give this a go, I have to admit, going from my portable TM1600 to the NXT is night and day, the NXT feels so much more fluid. After launching DCS, now wondering which button is best suited to trim, the mini-stick feels right to change into the trim, that's what I have set up for at present, loving this new "travelling stick" I have the full warthog HOTAS at home in Thailand, but due to covid and my new position in work, have been unable to return to my home and my fiancee for 12 months now, so this NXT is a little morale booster for me !!
  11. My Gladiator arrived today, not a fan of the thumb tracking, but too scared to try swapping it out for a 4 way just now. I have to say, initial impressions without launching DCS is pretty good, has a much better feel than my old TM1600 The hand stop could have done with being a little bit wider, but it does have nice fluid feel about it.. now the deep joys of setting up all the buttons and switches ! Delivery was a bit of a debacle, it sat in Dubai for 3 days, and the FedEx delivery summary was wrong, but probably down to the person doing the tracking actually being a day ahead.
  12. Try this version, not VSN, but RST.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvxz3ppg0ttz3eb/RST_Tornado_V1_0_0.rar?dl=0
  13. I placed an order through alieexpress on the 3rd Feb, to be delivered to me in Baghdad, and received an email about an hour ago that it's now with Iraqi customs in Baghdad Airport, and should be with me Monday or Tuesday now that's pretty fast indeed !!
  14. My guess is that once DCS updates to 2.7, then the Cyprus map will follow or be released with that update
  15. Sweet, You should look at post war RAF Fonts for the Ships numbers.
  16. Oban

    Go to alternate.. ?

    That was I was doing, as in calling "Stennis"..."Inbound" .. and the response after my pilot voice gave the spiel, just said " 308" " go to alternate" .. so I'd select the next radio and try the same, even tried on aux radio.. I had "easy comms" set, but after I disabled that, and then manually tuned comms 1 to the carrier frequency, and said "Stennis...inbound" it then started the sequence.. but no comms with the LSO on finals..
  17. Oban

    Go to alternate.. ?

    I was using " Stennis" and " Marshall" it's only when I manually punch in the Stennis frequency that the female voice starts interacting..
  18. Oban

    Go to alternate.. ?

    I found another thread that described the same issue, when I use channel 1/2 on the radio, it wasn't preset to "Stennis" it was picking up another ship/airbase, when I dial in "Stennis" frequency and call inbound, it goes through it all.. it is also something to do with "easy comms"
  19. Good day all, So I'm trying out vaicom once again, as could never get it working the way I think/want.. and trying to do the default case 1 recovery in the F18 back onto the Stennis. When I call up " Stennis" ..." Inbound" it goes through the chatter of me passing my details on the Stennis frequency which IIRC is either 125.000 or 127.000 Stennis then calls back by number and then " go to alternate" There is no alternate frequency, I try using a different aux radio... same response.. " go to alternate" Any idea what's happening here ?
  20. yeah, somewhat agree, it's like the Superbug.. the Chinese guys are showcasing, seems and feels like it's a "look what I have and you don't " sort of thing, same with the Arma Community, private mods... but agree on the Bucc, one of my older faves too
  21. My gut feeling is this will never see the light of day, like the F18 Superhornet... just some small teases here and there, to keep the masses interested, but at the same time kept private. Shame really, as this would be an awesome addon to have, I just wish someone would do the jaguar too
  22. Thanks, I will give that a go.. Most excellent, thanks, it worked a charm, no idea what I did to trash it in the first place!!
  23. Okay, no idea what I've done, apart from not play DCS since 21st Dec, but my default view for the cockpit looks down onto the seat.. no other aircraft has this issue. I use a head tracking device, which is fine in all other aircraft and games, but the F18 the default facing forwards into the HUD isn't playing for me, and re-setting the view defaults back to the seat from above view.. it makes it totally unplayable for me, any ideas what the issue could be?
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