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  1. Yes that’s correct, the suggestion for binds is for jester short cut binds rather than direct reach back
  2. A bind for flare mode normal and flare pilot, or a button that toggles between both would be awesome, sometimes you just don’t have time to switch between them using the wheel a toggle for jammer would be cool too
  3. Awesome, thank you again, I’m not in any real rush for it so when ever you feel up to it is more than fine, I hope you feel better soon, take care and rest up
  4. That would be awesome if you could! Thank you so much for all the juicy juicy info! also are there any detents/notches along the travel of the lever? If so can you send some measurements through of the distances? Same for any markings? if I remember right you said the full travel was 5” from emergency up ti emergency down, if I possibly can I want to work all the different zones into the lever travel
  5. That’s perfect! Thank you so much for sending all this through! That’s plenty of info to start cracking on with the build Is the height of the lever the same when the lever is in its full forward position? thanks again for sending this through! I really appreciate it
  6. Yea that’s what I had to do as well, I’ve had that set up for a while now, I was just hoping that there was some way by now of doing it, but as you have had the same issue and used the same work around I guess that’s all we can do for now, it’s a shame tho, cause it really sucks having to go through the whole change monitor set up then restart dcs thing just to get it to go. First world problem really tho haha
  7. Hey guys, I’m currently trying to find a way to make a monitorsetup that has both options for pilot and rio seats, is there a way to set it up so when I’m in the pilot seat I can see all relevant displays and then when I jump into the rear pit it shows me only the rio displays? At the moment it just displays everything at the same time and both seats displays just overlap any ideas?
  8. You are awesome! Thank you so much punk! I hope your back pain eases soon, back pain is bloody awful, please don’t rush. I’m in no hurry to get it built
  9. All good bro, it’s hardly the most pressing of issues haha, you guys have enough on your plate as it is
  10. Awesome! That would help heaps! Would having that option in the editor also give the externally built mission builders the option to start swept when hot? Things like briefing room and liberation (mission generators that don’t go anywhere near the mission editor) or would it be easier to have the f14 start swept in all spawn types with an option to start wings extended in the editor? The only reason I bring this up is that on the cv hot, cv cold and parking cold it starts swept, why not just make it start swept in all spawn types and then the option to start extended is there if wanted. I’m not quite sure why the parking hot spawn type would need be any different than the other 3 spawn positions types but it is, either way it will be a huge quality of life improvement and thank you for adding it to let list
  11. Hi there guys, does dcs bios support touch screen?
  12. Hey punk, sorry to bother you again, I’m wondering if you or anyone with access to a f14 throttle set could help me with some questions I have. im looking for some info on the flap leaver and handle, first up about the size amd shape of the flap handle but more importantly the height of the leaver above the panel, if there are any angles what are the measurements etc etc the more info the better if possible! I want to make my own lever to go next to my warthog throttles and I want to get them as close as possible to the real thing, any pictures and measurements would be a huuuuuge help As always thanks in advance for all your time and help with this
  13. We have found 2 work around for the issue, the work good alone but best when combined together. first, when you select your jet once on the briefing screen hold your wing sweep aft button down, then click fly. this will start swinging the wings back as soon as you spawn second, push the throttles up and hope you drive out of the hangar before 2 much damage happens. Also hope no one is taxing in front of you! if you do both at the same time 9 out of 10 times you’ll make it out, on the odd occasions you’ll need to get a new jet and try again, we’ve been having a good amount of luck doing it this way
  14. I’ve lost count of how many liberation, briefing room and other missions I’ve had to give up on because we spawned in a hanger with our wings extended, they then hit the walls of the hanger and break the aircraft or landing gear or what ever, when we spawn cold our wings are swept and we do not have the issue. can you please change it so that hot started aircraft at airfields start wings swept? They start swept on the carriers, if they start swept everywhere regardless of location or hot or cold start settings it would be a huge quality of life improvement
  15. Can it be set to Realtime? or is high the max this can go? EDIT: did some digging.. "CpuPriorityClass"=dword:00000006 1 Idle 2 Normal 3 High 4 RealTime (n.a.) 5 Below Normal 6 Above Normal Cannot set RealTime with this value, only with Task Manager. and also confirm this woks for dcs dedicated server too!! much happy
  16. Im Just going to put it out there that I’m really happy with my way of doing it, it’s simple as, ive built it into a few of my missions and it work great. found that the a 7nm racetrack is the perfect size for my way of doing it, so if you follow along what in mission file I uploaded and just use a 7nm racetrack it works awesome, no script needed, just waypoints, trigger areas and triggers.
  17. Like I said I’ve had it twice, only done startups on the campaign, I’ll do some tests this week and see if it’s related to the zone 5 campaign or if it’s something else. might be something im doing wrong maybe?
  18. And by the sounds of it that’s not on the cards
  19. This one ^ always bugs me, there are always a ton of people who say something then one person who is like “well i haven’t seen it so it can’t be true” which doesn’t help the situation and inevitably turns a constructive thread into bickering over nothing, awesome that you haven’t experienced it but the majority of us have, hence our conversations. so in the interests of keeping this thread honest and productive, let’s drop the have or have not seen it thing and work together to get some recognition from ED so they can see that there are a lot of us that love the game but would love it more if the flight model and AI got an update to fix the awful performance of the AI Be cause you can be assured if they see this descending into an argument they will just ignore i nineline said in that interview that he’s the go between so let’s give him all the information we can to get a result the ai definitely needs an overhaul. So how can we help the way I see it, first step, fix the FM, make the ai fly the aircraft with the same physics and rules that our aircraft have, stop giving them these op, limitless airframes that way when they do go into the endless loop that jet eventually stalls out
  20. It’s just so game breaking. I mean this game is about simulating air combat and when you get to the merge and this loop happens (vertical or horizontal) it really does make me question why bother. the physics should be the same between AI and player aircraft for a start and the AI shouldn’t be able to do things that can’t actually be done with the jet there on. I want the fight to be hard and to test me but when the loop kicks in it just becomes pointless. I can’t believe I’m about to type this but it feels like ace combat has a better AI flight model (don’t worry I’m already washing my mouth out with soap) And it’s even worse when your playing a paid campaign! does anyone have a work around or are we stuck with this until DCS 3.0
  21. It’s written all over the internet. Please do something, anything to end the AI from going into endless physicsless vertical loops. It destroys game play. Immersion and everybody’s hard work. Just today I was playing the excellent zone 5 campaign by reflected simulations, did everything right, did it all by the numbers, went full retard on it. Hit the merge, he went vertical, then we did 6 consecutive loops till I decided to try another manoeuvre and boom I’m dead. Didn’t have a chance Once the loop starts you only have two options Restart the mission or go play another game. Because that vertical loop just destroys everything I love about this game. please please figure out a way to end this damn loop please. I play dcs because it’s the closest i will ever get to flying a fighter and for the most part it’s so good but when this damn loop crap starts I just quit and go play something else, cause there’s no point playing a combat sim if it doesn’t sim combat
  22. I’ve had this a few times in the zone 5 campaign, doing a assisted start with jester things go great then we get to a point when he just stops, he doesn’t do anything, you check for the last thing then thats it, you end up with the only options to “check” or “abort start” I thought he might be doing something back there so I left it, nope after 20 min nothing changes, no options to do ins or anything. Just stuck. Have restart the mission and do an auto start (bye bye immersion) to get it to work. anyone else had this isssue?
  23. Hi there. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I looked in all the forum options and this seemed the most likely to yield results. I’m trying to set up some realistic carrier recovery operations, but I can’t for the life of me find any information on how the recovery tanker flys during recovery. I’ve been googling for hours and got nowhere, tine to ask those in the know! all I know so far is that it normally is up at about 6000ft i would love to know as much as possible about the flight plan. what height does it fly at what speed? does it fly a racetrack or a circle orbit, if it’s flying a racetrack is the long side of the racetrack parallel to the corse of the carrier or perpendicular does it even orbit over the Carrier or is it a distance off to the side or behind etc. any information would be gratefully appreciated, of course I’m sure that some information not available as public knowledge but anything that can be would be awesome, cheers guys
  24. I understand that in the real world these buttons do not exist for the pilot but it would be awesome if we could have a key bind to tell jester to cycle through the tws targets he has. this would help when working in a formation to select a different first target of an approaching group of targets. For a simultaneous launch of phoenix from different aircraft. this would also be a good work around for not having the ability to pick a specific target in tws mode.
  25. NAILED IT! no scripts, no extra work just using the triggers and setting available in the ME. its still very crude and needs a lot of tidying, but it works. chuck it in the editor or in sp missions, go to the f10 map, time advance (x20 seems to be good) and check it out again its not very refined at the moment but as a proof of concept its good CV71 operating with an S3B on a circular orbit at 6000ft overhead the boat and an E2D running racetracks around the group at 20000ft. no playable spots on deck at the moment, add them in if you like, make any changes you want, make it better, up to you, once I have it tidied up ill upload it to the user files I have text explaining what's happening when something happens so sit back and enjoy.... Recovery Gas and E2.miz
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