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  1. There is no (response) sound when pressing the H1 HAT AND H2 HAT of X56 JOYSTICK in one direction, how can I solve it? Do I need to disassemble the X56 JOYSTICK?
  2. Bs3 has been discussed for a long time, is it still under development?
  3. It is said that Russia has new military secrecy regulations, and it has been hesitant to add those functions. It's been procrastinating so far
  4. 2021 is almost over, or there is no news about R&D progress?
  5. It seems that it may be released soon, the map area is as follows
  6. I have observed that if the rpm is lower, the mosquito is difficult to take off even if the throttle is increased. In some aircraft, the rpm and throttle are linked
  7. Is there a dcs 3d map viewer similar to google map {can zoom in, zoom out and tilt}?
  8. it was not possible to fly the aircraft "hands off" except on the climb, and trimming is difficult. This is the focus of the manual during World War II
  9. it was not possible to fly the aircraft "hands off" except on the climb, and trimming is difficult. This is the focus of the manual during World War II
  10. My technique is not good and I am still learning. I must hit the right rudder frequently when taking off. How to eliminate the smoke from the left engine after takeoff? The mosquito seems to have the problem of tilting to the left and tilting the nose up when flying Is it recommended to trim before takeoff?
  11. It is said that it will be released today, so there is no need to discuss it.
  12. I don't see the installation option in dcs Cannot install after the last removal Didn’t even sell it in the store, did you leave it out? Please fix THIS BUG
  13. Quote from steam:Linking the release of DCS: Mosquito FB VI with the release of the DCS UPDATE program, and finally leading to the delay of the release of DCS: Mosquito is really a stupid practice
  14. In fact, it can be released at the beginning of this month. I don't know why it is still being delayed. After all, the original plan is to release between April and June this year.
  15. It will be released about September 9th, because September 9th is the official announcement that the mosquito and channel map co-purchase discounts will end.
  16. Is it okay for the person who pays to complain? It's just a pity that after waiting for so many years after falcon 4.0, I finally waited until the ed company was willing to develop the f-16c module, but it was really disappointed with the roadmap they developed. The roadmap seems to be designed to save their research and development work time, because of the use "the USAF and ANG designation", the system specifications can be lower, and the weapons can be less. It is very obvious that the radar system does not use the v9 version but the v5 version. Another example is the agm-154a1{Export high-explosive warhead version} which is very similar to the agm-154a ,ED can be used "the US Air Force did not use that year" reason for unwilling to provide use
  17. ED f-16c's adherence to the USAF and ANG designation will make ED f-16c lack of weapon diversity ,Another secret that can’t be told is that ED’s "persistence to the USAF and ANG" can save a lot of work in developing new weapons and new features or new radar For example, "sticking to" F-16C using AN/APG-68 radar V5 instead of AN/APG-68 V9 can help ED save a lot of work, because the V9 ground mode has an increased SAR mode The synthetic aperture mode enables the APG-68(V)9 radar to achieve a resolution of 1 meter for long-distance ground targets, which is much better than the current (DBS) mode ,V9's air search distance is about 33% longer than V5, and there are new features added, You can imagine how much work will increase in ED's development of V9 radar than V5, but In the real world, the AN/APG-68 V5 radar of the U.S. Air Force’s F-16C has almost been changed to V9.
  18. You cry too early, ed hasn't even released the official Roadmap report of ah-64d, don't expect too much, Bounced check is commonplace, and there are other helicopters to play
  19. At the time you mentioned, jdam-er is conducting test experiments on fa-18c, and the official service is about 2015, and then all fa-18c has completed the fighter software update to mount jdam-er ,It would be ridiculous to use this as an excuse to explain that fa-18c cannot use jdam-er Adding JDAM-ER is just to increase the fun for everyone
  20. In fact, all U.S. fighters that can launch jdam can use jdam-er, and roughly only need to modify the internal software of the fighter. To insist that jdam-er is too new for fa-18c is not appropria
  21. Boeing’s JDAM-Extended Range (JDAM-ER) is the latest variant. It is intended for use on the 500-pound (226.79 kg) bombs . It differs from the standard JDAM in that is has wings that unfold in flight to triple the range from 15 nautical miles (17.26 mi, 28 km) to over 40 miles (64.73 km). The modular nature of the kit means that it can be easily upgraded as technology improves and options such as improved laser sensors, GPS jamming immunity and an all-weather radar sensor can be added. Most of jdam-er is known to use gps guidance
  22. The Mosquito Watch Record was originally expected to be released before the mi-24p, but due to the tragedy of the external model rework, it is still not available for pre-order.
  23. If according to what you said, you should not use any aircraft coating skin except the United States Air Force and the United States National Guard. This will ensure the original flavor.
  24. For non-native English players, there is indeed a problem of language communication. Learning to operate these fighters and helicopters is particularly difficult, because almost all the teaching on youtube is in English, and the language of aviation and fighters is almost in English. If we only read The official manual of ed is unlikely to complete more advanced weapon and fighters operations, so please be considerate of the unsatisfactory English description.
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