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  1. It seems that it is far away, maybe it will be released at the end of this year, and Polychop-Simulations is too lazy, even for the sa342 helicopter to add a few free flight missions in Syria or channel maps
  2. I read the official development report of AH-64D on June 4th and some pictures. I feel that the development of the AH-64D model has not been able to fly in the air so far, and the speed is much slower than expected. In addition, the official development report mentions that it is abnormal. Complex structure and cockpit, so it seems that this year can not have too much expectations for it In contrast, MI-24P is developing smoothly, maybe it will be officially released this month
  3. Please take a look at the anti-electron interference and burn-through interference on the rear seat of the dcs f-14. So far, it has only been partially completed. It is not that it can't be done but there are other confidential considerations, even if the f-14 is retired for a long time
  4. The mi-24P is a fairly old helicopter and has no modern electronic equipment, so it has less confidentiality issues.Therefore it is more able to produce correct simulations Ah-64d is different. There are not many countries using ah-64d and there are many modern electronic devices such as a/g radar. How to simulate correctly without involving secrets is a problem
  5. After the pre-order delay, there is a bad feeling, I feel that the development of ah-64d will be as slow as the dcs f-16c What I can look forward to is the mi-24p helicopter. Since it is a purely Russian helicopter, there are a large number of pilots who have flown the mi-24p in Russia, as well as operating manuals and other documents. The development will be much easier.
  6. It feels bad!! It has been delayed until almost June, but it has not been released, just because the appearance of the skin has to be redone, and then it will affect the production of the next World War II module.
  7. The delay in pre-ordering can indicate that the development progress of ah-64d is quite behind, and the time to market will be later than expected
  8. In my personal opinion, the scheduled time for the launch of the DCS Mi-24P is no problem. As for the ah-64d, it is not optimistic. It can be seen from the slow development speed of the f-16c. ah-64d also has a complex air-to-ground radar{sa} system, and when it can be completed is full of variables.
  9. The design of Russian helicopters originated from the former Soviet Union, so friends who often fly American or European helicopters think it will take some time to adapt.
  10. However, mi-24 has good adaptability to terrain and climate (such as desert, polar region, plateau), so it has good actual combat results.
  11. I have the mi-8 module, and the two have similarities, so I can say that the first one is that the cockpit design is messy and the buttons are too many. The American helicopter uh-1h and mi-8 are products of the same era, but uh-1h feel The cockpit design is much better
  12. The DCS mission editor cannot display all the aircraft modules (mostly the second World War II fighters). For example, the p-47d cannot be added to the map because it is not displayed in the ME. How to solve it?
  13. Why can’t I find World War II aircraft, tanks, ships and other equipment in the mission editor? Is it a version 2.7 bug? I can’t find aircraft like p-47 and put it into the mission editor
  14. Is there no problem with R&D control? It is known that the mosquito was scheduled to be released at the end of last year or early this year, but it was delayed for some reason, and then suddenly it was discovered that there was a problem with the external modeling on the eve of the scheduled release of the DLC (early April). , So why the first delay has not been found the problem so far? This is a waste of corporate personnel costs
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