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  1. As I said, quoting the Pilot Notes, +7 boost is max continuous power. It is hardly believable that Mosquito pilots would spend all their flights with gear horn buzzing.
  2. Hi, I often fly long routes using dead reckoning navigation techniques and I cross-reference the compass with the heading indicator quite often in WW2 aircraft. With the mechanics and position of P6 compass in Mosquito it is difficult to position the camera to set the compass card. Would it be possible to make a static view (one of Custom Snap Views) focused on the compass?
  3. Currently the undercarriage warning horn engages at +7 lb/sq.in. boost. That is the Max Continuous power setting according to the manual (DCS) and Pilot Notes (real-world). Pilot Notes provide various cruise power settings for the Mosquito - including -4 lb/sq.in. for long range cruise. This is currently unobtainable without the Gear Horn. EDITED: Mosquito Horn.trk
  4. Hi, I noticed that the undercarriage position indicator light logic is reversed. Currently the lights go out when the undercarriage is being lowered and raised and then red lights turn on when the wheels are locked. The Pilot Notes for Mosquito states that it should be the other way around:
  5. Did you switch EHSI mode to TCN? (press M button on EHSI).
  6. I am unable to set ADF in several missions, for example in mission 1 - Batumi 430 kHz, in mission 2 - Kobuleti 490 kHz. I tested Kobuleti's outer beacon (870 kHz) - doesn't work either (tested in mission 2). In mission 3 I easily picked up Kutaisi's NDB (477 kHz). I've also tested Batumi NDBs in mission 3 - with no luck. In some missions Batumi (430 kHz) is ok. I generally have no problem using ADF in Huey and I tested all these NDBs during my flights (missions outside of this campaign) - with no problem.
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