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  1. Well, thanks, almost 800 servers!!. I'm seeing right now 150 servers, i't s a lucky day for me! :) as I said, it's usually around 50. PD: after closing and starting again, the lobby probably filled my NAT table, so now, I only see 9 servers. Isn't this sweet! PD2: after router reboot, bamm! 265 servers!
  2. I'm one of those players that see just a few servers in the lobby, usually around 50. If I refresh the list several times, I can see more, like up to 70. But it depends, there are days when I can only see 5 or 10 servers. And I'm being told by friends they can see 500-600, in the same moment, in the same Open Beta version... How many server can you see usually? (let's stick to Open Beta answers) It's probably something in my end, but I'm pretty sure the lobby is "agressive" with my system. The thing is, probably, the number of servers around is more than 500, and they all ping at the same time. I took this video 2 years ago, and it's the same to this day: All those pings hammer the router, and probably fill the NAT table. When I see just a few servers, I need only to reboot my router then BAM! 100-200 servers appear. 100% times replicable. Cheap router for sure. I've been seeing similar issues for years in the forums. nothing to do with different version. I've been posting about it for 3 years, and I'm not the only one. Isn't there something ED can make to alleviate our cheap routers? like setting a limited ammount of pings per second, or something like that.
  3. It happened me if I tried to move without first ask for removing the chocks. If you moved before, it buggs out. To unbug you need to ask to put them again (even if they still show up), and then to remove.
  4. "@open beta" -> @openbeta (without space)
  5. @Gryzor and @hornblower793 In here https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=270059 we also tested that deleting waypoints from moving ground units makes fps go normal again. PD: wilbur81 beat me!
  6. Same at https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4292366#post4292366
  7. I've tested the mission and my fps go from 60-80 to 5-10 in a matter of seconds. GPU tax around 5% only! so it must be waiting for the CPU to do something. I tried some things: -I've deleted blue airplanes. No effect. -I've deleted blue and red airplanes. No effect. So, the air planes and air war is not the issue. Then I've started fresh and only deleted waypoints from the ground units that have waypoints. The number of ground units kept the same, just the moving ones kept at waypoint 0, stopped. The ground battle went on with shots everywehere (and airplanes going on too)...and my fps stayed at 60-80. So i'ts either 1) the pathfinding of ground units and/or 2) the dust created by moving ground units. I'm attaching the edited mission PD: latest Open Beta, 2D 1080p. LrgTEST1_no_ground_movement.miz
  8. Should 2D users expect an improvement too or only those in VR? I'm in2D 1080p and using the Mirage in PG is, I think, the same (I mean, nice fps, around 60-80 fps all the time). In MP it's ok too, 40-60 fps. The same as in 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 and this last patch, iirc. Do people remember to 1) delete fxo and metashader2 folders and 2) do a settings-clean GPU driver installation from time to time?
  9. It's because the router is pinged by all servers at once (like 700+ servers). In my case, my router gets fried and it starts to degrade until I can only see less than 50 servers. Then I reboot it and everything goes back no normal. I think my router NAT table is being filled by so many pings at once. Pings should be sent to routers by batches of less servers at once, not so many.
  10. Can older campaigns be used with the new version of the DCE? it has another folder structure (campaigns go to \Saved Games\DCS\Mods\Tech\DCE\Missions\Campaigns), according to latest MBot Campaigns https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4171063&postcount=1004
  11. Might it be that the default trim has changed? I managed to fix the wooble by re-triming the aircraft.
  12. I can confirm, that happened to me yesterday. I'll try to get the logs.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. Just to be clear, this thing of being able to combine the magic seeker with other weapons, be AA or AG, confuses me a bit. What's the purpose? in which situations this is nice to use?
  14. Does this mean we can shoot S530D without a radar lock, just by using the Magic seeker?
  15. Hi! It would be nice to show the version running for each server, and a filter for latest release / latest beta, or something like that. Also, the players (and a searchbox for players too) Thanks!
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