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  1. I think a simple MD5 sum check on the uploaded file, compared to the MD5 sum of the current version that ED are hosting, should be sufficient to check whether there's been an update or whether it's someone gaming the system.
  2. It is the only new thing that has been fixed. The issue is that the previous OB patch notes contained several fixes that were not actually released, and had to be downloaded separately in the link I included. I am asking if we need to re-download and re-apply this hotfix with the latest OB patch.
  3. Hello, Has the open beta hotfix (linked here) been included in the latest Open Beta patch? Or will I need to re-download and re-apply the hotfix to the latest patch? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi all! We released a new version of DCS Liberation: https://github.com/Khopa/dcs_liberation/releases/tag/2.4.0 DCS Liberation is a community-made tool that allows you to create a single-player or multiplayer PvE turn-based dynamic campaign. We are also happy to hear your feature requests or bug reports via github. 2.4.0 Saves from 2.3 are not compatible with 2.4. Highlights Improved flight plan generation to avoid loitering in or traveling through threatened areas when practical. Improved AI aircraft purchasing behavior. Era-restricted weapons (work in progress
  5. I'm hoping for a fix for this one soon - seeing a fix for the headwind/tailwind stuff is promising and shows that the F-5 is still being maintained.
  6. This is a really informative post, and a good study regarding what we currently have in the sim. I don't expect something like Dangerous Waters to be implemented, but something around the Cold Waters level (one day, of course - not a big priority right now!) would be fantastic.
  7. Any news on this? DCS Trainer EFMs seem to be cursed...
  8. New drivers today. Anyone had a chance to test?
  9. I've done that. Those were the first steps listed on the MadCatz driver page. If it's listed on that page, I have done it. The only thing that temporarily worked was adding some deadzone to the middle of the ministick and sliders, because they tend to vibrate a bit when they're not at their extremes. This 'fix' lasted all of 10 minutes, though.
  10. I already read the instructions fully and did remove the signed driver check. I can tell that it's worked fine because a dialog box asked me if I wanted to install an unsigned driver. It also lists the driver version in the device manager and the saitek profiler software as I did that before testing the stick and posting about the issue. Is it possible that I need to re-make my stick profile before it will stop having this issue? EDIT: Nope, re-making the profile hasn't fixed it at all. Drivers are still borked, going to have to wait for them to release new ones.
  11. I'm still getting repeated keystrokes with my Saitek X52 with the Win10 beta drivers and software. It gets worse the longer the profile is applied to the joystick, until one tap of the master mode button fires me through about 3 or 4 different modes.
  12. Ok, this issue is not fixed, I had it again earlier. I ended up just flying with the canopy open. Could this be connected to the issue where it sounds like the pilot is undergoing heavy G-forces when the plane spawns? If the cockpit is breaking because of the G forces, that could explain a few things.
  13. FIXED: For some reason, restarting my computer has fixed the issue.
  14. Update: It's now refusing to work after several mission restarts. There seems to be literally no way to close the canopy when this bug strikes, and there's nothing I can click in the cockpit that seems to fix the issue.
  15. I just tried this, changed the assignments. Nothing happened. The key commands still don't work, and scrolling the mouse wheel over the crank still does nothing. It's really annoying, because you have to restart the whole mission in order to get things to work.
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