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  1. Thanks for the information I did actually go into that screen but didn't realize how to do it, so your directions are very helpful.
  2. I apologize in advance for this stupid question. I was able to purchase and received my validation code, when I tried to validate it I realized I didn't have any idea how to do that. I did try to look back and possible missed the instruction. If someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction I would apricate it. Thanks
  3. I'm actually not really concerned with FFB I agree it's nice though. I'd like to model the control stick feel as accurately as possible. I'm not sure I've set that properly I'm sure there are ways to refine it.
  4. I've had a Brunner now for close to a year. I love the joystick but can't help thinking I"m not getting the most out of it. I don't really understand what all the parameters that are adjustable do. Is there documentation that is geared to a dummy that would help me. I fly mostly the Hornet and the F-16. Are there profiles available for either or both of those planes? There is another question I have regarding DCS do the joystick setting in the game work with the Brunner I was told they don't but I though they do have effect? For me the hardware trim has been worth the price of admis
  5. I guess that resolution is for the video monitor then. I didn't know that tks
  6. Wow thanks very much I'll most likely get a chance to try it tomorrow. I appreciate your support I'll try and prepare ahead of time. I have your discord channel is there a way to ping you on it?
  7. That must be the problem I thought I had downloaded the firmware and installed it properly. I'll give it another try. Is there a video for the new calibration procedure? Thanks for you help I know your busy.
  8. I think it was because I have a Reverb headset. I followed jv44bubi instructions and was able to enter Calibration mode. Thank you for the detailed instructions.
  9. Hi I have set up question about calibration. When I try to enter calibration mode my cursor does not make a circle instead it moves left and right at the very top of the screen. I've watched the video many times and think I am doing it right. Thanks
  10. Thank you VERY MUCH I want to pass along my thanks to you, I have been struggling with this for months. I tried your suggestion and have had complete control of the mouse ever since. I appreciate you taking the time to passing the solution on. :thumbup::)
  11. I had a few questions as to how Pattern mode works. Do you not lower the hook? To engage it do I call up the map page? After I bolter do you stay dirty and fly a 600 ft pattern? I love this tool it is beyond words the amount of help this has been I have a long way to go but it's fun watching my score sometime jump a little. Thanks
  12. I have a question I consistently have a Steam Failed error mostly when I am about to move to the last screen in multiplayer where you select your aircraft. When I say consistently I mean easily 3 out of 4 times trying to play. Many times I get so frustrated that I restart which 50 50 may work. When I last posed this question I was pointed to get a powered USB hub which I have done with the exact same results. I have a brand new fully fitted dedicated PC that is 3 months old. Is anyone having this issue and if not does anybody have Ideas for a frustrated F-18 pilot want to bee.
  13. I just rebooted my system and when VA loaded it asked me if I wanted to update. Very easy I will give it a try now.
  14. I apologize if this has been answered or it I missed it the documentation. I've been reading the forum and see there is a new version available. My question is how do I update my system. I've downloaded the newest version. Is it as simple as just coping the dll file over?
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