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  1. Hello Foka, you mentioned "one text file to edit"....... any chance you could name that file and where to find it? I presume it's an .lua file? I'd like to create a default cockpit setup so MAV is back on right MFD and TGP back on left MFD. Since the topic here is MFD-related, I wonder if there's any way to adjust the size of the mouse cursor in cockpit? My display is 3840x2160; for whatever reason I find it quite difficult to even see the cockpit mouse cursor, adding a lot of tedium to repetitive tasks.
  2. Hello Dragan...... glad your experience with the GBU issue turned to success. I'm probably less advanced than yourself; you mentioned alignment or "pairing" of 2 lines in HUD while trying to line up for release of your GBU. I have a similar and rather frequent "problem"...... those lines seem to refuse to line up on vertical centerline of HUD, always drifting to one side or other. I say "problem" but for all I know the vertical centerline is irrelevant to the task......(?). What I'm really curious about is whether it's my JOYSTICK causing the misalignment....... regardless of calibration
  3. As posted elsewhere, I'd like to see access to fixing retention time for laser code in use. It currently appears the system requires manual entry on a per-weapon basis? Once you've fired both Mavericks, for example, you have to reenter the codes if you're using unlimited weapons in practice sessions.
  4. I've got just enough coding savvy to know it's probable that my recent (big stride) upgrade of World 2.5 to OpenBeta is the reason for this, but the improvements to the flight performance of the Huey are fantastic. Seriously, while I am working with a very aged Logitech Extreme 3D Pro stick, I'd regretted having bought this module. The guru-caliber suggestion of Bignewy definitely was worth all effort; the improvements dedicated to this module actually make the Huey a pleasure to fly, despite the slop in the stick. ALSO improved, if not just repaired, is the camera performance for each do
  5. May I add a relevant question, instead of creating new topic? The laser code retention time seems essentially 0, once having deployed each LG weapon......... do you have to reenter the laser code after each use; is there a way to have a fixed automatic default code throughout flight?
  6. Regarding the F18c nosewheel activation, I too recently had some issue with the "S" key; good to find LeCuvier's post about the weight-on-wheels trigger for NWS. Also, I found that holding "S" is essential for getting minimum radius turns from F18c's NW, such as on carrier deck.
  7. X_legio's post FIXED same problem for me...... changing in Gameplay settings from "Native" to "English" got Devrim's English Shkval 1.7b WORKING!!
  8. Lockmaster, this is the closest I can find to my question as to whether we can save the edited bottom row of the MFCD's and make that the default setup when you enter cockpit? I just replaced World latest stable to Open Beta last night, found how to edit the OSB placement so MAV is on right, TGP on left, etc. per the standalone A-10C, but have no idea if I can save that config........ I'm referring to holding an OSB down for a few seconds, clicking a replacement like DSMS into its place. Nice feature but every time? I browsed many lua files that might be pertinent but any ideas on a
  9. I'm trying the install_(module).bat files as advised on "Technical Questions" web page. So far it's installed my F/A-18C and Nevada map. As above mentioned my A-10C was the only owned module that appeared in Open Beta Module Manager. SUCCESS! All purchased modules now appear under Open Beta.
  10. Thanks dorianR666...... well, since I own A-10C (which is showing up in OB now, but not the other aircraft or Nevada), I presumed that since there was no price and it was on its own tab under Module Manager with "Install" button, it was grooming A-10C for OB (updating textures, etc.) Down to 6 GB on SSD boot/game drive I might just wipe all DCS, clean up registry, and go with OB only now...... here in Baltimore we've got a half inch of ice so what a nice way to spend a Saturday night . At 12.6 MB/s the download time is right good. I'd thought that shortcuts into OB's directori
  11. This is just a continuation of "open beta install" here....... truly hope this isn't an annoyingly common question with obvious answer I'm missing, but...... concerned about available space on SSD, I was going to uninstall latest World to make plenty of room for OB; it turns out that the A/G radar is bare-bones functional outside of OB. I was able to fit the OB install. Upon opening OB, none of my many purchased modules and Nevada map are available. Good thing I DIDN'T uninstall latest stable version? In Module Manager running in OB I DID find the opportunity to install A-10C
  12. I'm gathering that the A/G radar MAP/SEA/GMT modes are functional as of 2/13/2021 in OpenBeta only........ I just updated to and have same A/G radar issue as Justin1Ntime. A little slim on SSD space, I'm going to uninstall latest stable version and replace with OpenBeta. I will say there's impressive true updates in latest stable, though. For some reason my A-10C's engines seem to have a little more cajones I wonder if in YouTube videos there's a way to indicate the version in use at the time of production....... the date wouldn't necessarily reveal that it's under an O
  13. WOW.... BIGNEWY and toilet2000, thanks for the great replies..... I'd no idea I was so far behind on updates. Thing is I don't get the update notification on start-up, perhaps opted it to "off". No doubt this will fix the A/G radar. Be well stay well!
  14. Is it perhaps the autonomous takeoff system of the F-18? I think you're hands-off the stick when launching from carrier, other than retracting landing gear to reduce drag. The autonomy begins during thrust buildup....... I was trying to get full afterburn thrust while holding wheelbrake, but apparently as long as you're under the catapult's rules, you get little to no control. First time I learned this reminded me of the first-ever F-111 pilots to hand over total flight control to the terrain-following radar..... at night......
  15. Good day, gurus. When I perform all known steps to get A-G radar working, the right side (R DDI) seems as if the A-G radar won't turn on. I haven't yet installed OpenBeta, am using World 2.5.5, presuming most recent build prior to Open Beta. Equipped with 2 AGM-65E and 2 GBU-16, and Litening TGP......... all switches tied to FLIR/LTD-R are turned ON. A-G Master Mode ON. 1. With A-G Master Mode on, I select "SURF" (Screen1) 2. Screen2 shows result. I've combed through Chuck's Guide for F-18, YouTube videos, and Googled....... no dice. Is the A-G radar
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