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  1. Hi Is there any chance that the mission files used for the video's with all the populated bases could be shared? Without the hind of course :smilewink: Im not handy with the editor at all and they seem like great ways to start. Thanks!
  2. had the exact same thing, tws locking a friendly aircraft on my 6 and the only way to get out of it whas to go back to RWS. took me about 6 atempts switching to tws to finaly make it stop doing that. i wil look if i have a small track of it
  3. and my provided trk also did not show it? i might try to record it if thath helps. thanks for looking!
  4. can confirm this happens from time to time on hotstarts in MP.
  5. Hi, yeah thats what isnt working. once in M can push the button as much as i whant but it stays stuck. you can see it in my track. the only way now i can get it working again is switching to aim-7 going back to rws, then press the osb button and set it to interleaved again and then cycle to tws again. also no mods or whatever. i have ran a repair already. and even though there might be a workaround then it should still be handled at some point. cant imagine this being normal lol
  6. thank you for testing, whas afraid it whas me :music_whistling:
  7. Unable to reproduce, track didnt help? Anything i should do to fix this? To reproduce go to tws. Then aproach a target and pres ls sensor controll forward for radar bore mode. Once target locked press undesignate and now tws is stuck in Medium instead of interleaved
  8. attached a trackfile. after using the radar in bore mode you cant go back to interleaved radar.trk
  9. Hi! anyone else having a problem with the radar getting stuck in medium instead of interleaved? normaly just switching weapons fixed this but somehow now i can only get it on interleaved again by going back to RWS and then TWS again
  10. if you look in the hotas section of the controls you wil find it. i think its the pinky switch by memory
  11. at this moment you cant. when the new update comes with tws radar mode you can do it. but for now in rws its not implemented
  12. And even if he doesnt.... they wherent released at the same time. So logical that the hornet is further. Problem is that it shouldnt slow down because of new modules
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