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  1. Я не думаю что ED должны нам что-то предоставлять. Если бы они могли сделать современный Российский боевой истребитель, то они бы сделали.
  2. Of course, completely forgot about Su25 laser guided rockets, other that vikhrs. I think BRMs spin, but even if they don't. It doesn't matter, they are but beam riding IRL. In game, because they are not beam riding, their accuracy is poor when angle between you and target is high, they tend to overshoot. Here is the link , it's around 50th min
  3. Well, I watched a couple of demonstration videos about new Kiowa by Polychop and they have laser guided rockets similar to JF17 and they are not beam riding, so either Polychop figured out how to do it or they use different mechanic.
  4. When JF17 was release I remember we were told that laser-guided rockets are temporarily made into beam riding while IRL they are not. When is that planned to be changed?
  5. Thanks for reply. will one station be able to track if I turn my head all the way back?
  6. This might be a stupid question, but I'm a total noob when it comes to vr. I'm debating between pimax 5k and hp reverb, but leaning towards pimax. If I do get pimax, will I need the base station to use it in dcs, I'm not planning to use vr for other games. Except dcs and maybe other simulators.
  7. More ideas: So, so far this is a search and rescue server, I think in the future you can add firefighting missions. It could be done this way: you would spawn a fire somewere, then you would need to pick up an external load (it would simulate a bucket) then go and hover over a body of water for certain amount of time, which would simulate a bucket being filled, then you would need to take that bucket and hold it over the fire for certain period of time. To make it more interesting if fire is not put out in certain amount of time, lets say 30 min it would grow and a second fire would spawn n
  8. Just started flying on your server, really great to practice hovering and landing in tight spot. So, my only wish is that in the SAR mission generation, is there a possibility to add three levels of difficultly. For example on easy a SAR mission would be in the middle of the large field, in medium difficulty somewhere in the city where you have to land in a tight spot and hard is for example in the forest or other location where landing is impossible and you have to hover. Also adjust hovering radius for easy, medium hard missions. I think it would help newer pilots to get a hang of helicopte
  9. I think they said they are working on the new Soundsystem in the cockpit, to bring out the base, new adjustable air suspension, RGB lighting and a minifridge for cocktails.
  10. Yes, in theory, Tors should be able to intercept bombs, how effective this is, is questionable.
  11. Did happen to me while in MP. First with ground unit, I locked it, lock would drop on it's own in seconds. Same thing happened later when I was trying to lock ships in Sea mode. It would lock, then unlock on it's own within seconds.
  12. It's great when you have an awacs, but when AWACS is not on station, then you're pretty screwed because others will see you way beyond the range you will be able to see them. Yes, I know the rwr will show me the direction of the bandit, but by the time I'll find them through adjusting elevation they either are with shot range and or I'm at disadvantageous position to fox.
  13. i understand it won't see up to 160nm but at lest should be able to see something 70nm out. right now on average I get roughly less than 50 nm
  14. So, on the good note, I really enjoy flying the JF, very capable fighter/attacker, however I still struggle with its radar. At least in MP the radar elevation is still behaving weird, friendly contacts appear on the radar much faster than hostile even though they are co altitude and right next to each other. It can't see anything beyond 50mn. Idk either I am not doing something right or compared to Hornet and Viper it is has the worst radar even though it is a newer plane, so it should at least match their performance.
  15. Can any other plane in dcs do that?
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