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  1. So with looking on the change log for today's patch I found: Added launch for 4 and 6 stations for HARM. May I asked what made you change your mind on this topic again?
  2. So I just finished a Sortie on the Syria Map where I used to crash. did the entire flight without any issues, so I hope the problem was solved with the swapfile. So thanks a lot for the help! Now I´m still a little bit nervous, but finally it worked!
  3. Ok. So I have DCS on M2, another "Game drive" is a SSD. So you would suggest to put 64 GB of swapfile on the SSD, since DCS is on the M2?
  4. Was 16GB. My C-Drive is pretty packed, can I establish the swap file on another drive as well, or has it to be C? I have a M2 for DCS, could i place the swap file there?
  5. Hey guys, as the title says, SteamVR keeps crashing on me with the Syria Map. My specs: I9-9900K 2080ti 32 GB RAM M2 Harddrive DCS Open beta SteamVR stable with Reverb G2 Headset I tried everything I read so far, but VR keeps crashing for me on the syria map. I tried SteamVR beta/stable, Motion smoothing off and even reducing quality, even though I always fly with 45-50fps. Crash occurs suddenly, without any warning. Do you guys have any idea how to fix this? On caucasus I can play for hours, on Syria it last max. 30 minutes before the crash... Any help is appreciated!
  6. Baltic Sea area would make a great region to do cold war scenario's!
  7. RIO is not related to the aircraft. RIO is the guy on the backseat, the "Radar Intercept Officer". So videos on YouTube with "Rio" in it deal with the things happening on the backseat...
  8. And the Eurofighter went from "Hmm, lets see" to day one purchase in the blink of an eye
  9. Thanks, I will try First I have to get my DCS running again, after all the messing around... Edit: Thanks, reichenwald! It seemed that a texture from a SU-27 fromm 2017 broke the integrety check... Now I have to work, but tomorrow I will give the server a try.
  10. Hey everyone, since I got the Mig21 I wanted to try that server. On the attempt to connect I was told "only unmodified game". So I disabled all my OVGME stuff like skins, sound mods, airplanes, etc. Everything. It still won´t let me connect. Since I´m running VR I´m using the VR shader mod, found here in the forums. Could this be the problem or what else could prevent me from joining the server?
  11. So right now I have to put the switch up, like before the last update? Orange lights confuse me...
  12. Hmm. At least the first two minutes look like me trying to land... So I guess I'm not that bad...
  13. No need to ask your brother, since ED already spoke to people "that know". They did their job, they made a decision.
  14. So coming up on this: There is no way to select the active pylon? Let's assume I have 4 pods loaded, and I only want to shoot half of them on the first target There is no other way then going left wing / right wing? So no "let's shoot pylon 3 & 4 first?
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