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  1. I also can confirm this. Clouds are always blurry/low-res for me in VR, and it looks like it is using the 'Low' system cloud setting no matter what. Changing this settings has no effect.
  2. Hi, thanks for this great patch. Am using it for months. Since the latest open beta update,, the patch does not compile any more for me (patch version Directly after starting DCS, I get the compile error: Shader 'bazar/shaders/deferred/Compose.fx' failed to compile. Reason: warning X4717: Effects deprecated for D3DCompiler_47 deferred/shadows.hlsl(49,30-45): error X3018: invalid subscript 'w' deferred/shadows.hlsl(49, 15-45): error X3012: 'radius': missing initial value I have heard that also others have this issue. Does the patch need an update?
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