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  1. could you or anyone else please tell me how to switch to mouse control or anything else? Sorry guys i might be just to clumsy to find out. Thanks
  2. I took the mission on normandy because of much AI scenarios for the purpose of testing. Not very VR friendly. There's a lot stuff going on. Three separate groups of spitfires in the air. a p51 mustang group on the ground and moving enemy fighters further away. many moving ground units, as well as even more anti air units on the ground. hope it could help you.
  3. Thank you Alec for your detailed answer. Thanks also to all of you for your help. As i can see you own a 3090 as well as a beefy cpu! This helps alot to understand the mistakes. i went back to 2x msaa and 1.0 PD ingame, and found out how to properly default SS in the oculus tool. And set it to 1.5 in the rift S without stacking, yes that's necessary reverb users ;) meanwhile i can finally say, i found peace. I'm still not sure what went wrong. if overclocking cpu went unstable or stacking with SS/PD. since i was kinda dispointed about the result with my 3090, i decided to buy a 10900k
  4. yes PD to 1.8 correct. even tried 400% in steam. of course just for the results of testing and fun. i used to have 1.3 PD in Oculus tool for quite a while with my previous 2080. Can't see much different level of improvememt further than px 1.5 in comparison i spend some time to set ingame back to 1.0 pd or even 0.5 and used oculus pixel density and steam resolution to get a similar result in always the same cockpit in the P51 and F15. Actually pretty impressive how this card performs
  5. i know. spend hours of testing. there is not much difference without msaa off and shadows to flat. You need to lower drastically to the point where everything looks like before without 3090. It`s not what it should be.
  6. Once again i`ve deinstalled my nvidia driver, checked nvidia graphic setting and compared with VR optimation guides . erased content in fox folder and metashaders 2 folder, to make sure. So i did some research and stopped using Oculus tray tool/debug tool. SteamVR and fpsVR in order to avoid double SS/pixel density. switched to default Instead of, i tried the ingame pixel density slider, which i usually don`t use, to the value 1.8 (Pls if someone can tell how much steam resolution in % is? I am just to clumsy) Cockpit,gauges are crystal clear. As i already said in a previous reply, D
  7. it's called AWS for oculus. I tried both. Locking to 40fps, AWS disabled and enabled. I have cleared fxo and shaders. There also no double SS. Don't get me wrong. As Imacken said, there is AN improvement. But not much or at least as i expected. Just want to share my experience with you, and especially to those who are not sure if willing to pay the extra money for a 3090 based on some pancake benchmarks on youtube (at the moment) . My rusty 8600k could be the reason. Who knows I'll keep you guys up to date and try to do some more of course
  8. yes i guess so. i plan to upgrade the 8600k soon when the G2 arrives. Not sure if 9900k will be okay instead of 10900k? Any advice related to dcs? I run ingame PD at 1.0 and the 1.5 SS in Oculus Debug Tool. I'm gonna lower the shadows to flat later. Terrain shadows always flat btw.
  9. as a 3090 owner, i don't see very much improvement after all. i spend alot of time tweaking my settings. Iike expected, cpu issues. 4.9ghz 8600k, 32Gb ram at the moment. Rift S user. some more 0.2 SS, shadows on medium, MSAA 2x. That's it. Don't expect too much. Dubai on PG looks good for the first time. Normandy.. still performance like the previous 2080 rtx, even without terrain shadows slide show. That's my own experience for now..
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=224708 Give it a try. At first it seems like there is no change. Improves the visibilty at distance a lot in my opinion.
  11. Oh wow thank you so much Antoine! That was a very quick and easy solution. Have a good day!
  12. Hello. I know this one is very old. I'n currently struggling with the same problems. Does anybody know to solve that problem? I use Fanatec csl pedals for sim racing. Thank you
  13. Hey :) first of all: the campaign is great baltic dragon! You guys may help me. I'm stuck at the end of mission 13.I dropped my bombs, followed WP11&12,US reinforcemant show off, and parked at the exact spot located on my kneeboard. Unfotunetly there's NO massage like always "mission complete, end mission at any time". What ever.. i press ESC button and end the mission. and suddenly i have to start at mission 12 all over again. i tried for one more time. and it happened again. thanks
  14. indeed. you just have to check your kneeboard. choose programm 5 with the decoy dispenser knob on your right side (above your tacan unit). that's for example 1x flare & 1x chaff. i suggest "chucks guide". everything you need to know is written down with pictures in order to make it even easier. hope that helps ;)
  15. Hey! Try Sorel's "Black Sea Resolve" Campaign. It's a lot of fun! He did a great job. Lots of ground attack stuff.Have fun https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=203468
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