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  1. Well that answers it then, thank you for clearing it up!
  2. Even if you are using a laser Maverick? I would have thought that as long as the FLIR was SOI then any sensor commands would flow to it rather than the weapon.
  3. I was using a laser Mav, so that shouldn't impact it, should it? In any event, it didn't work in VR when I tested it last night.
  4. Well that's weird. I went and checked it quickly and it worked as advertised. The only difference is that I didn't test it in VR (ie it worked fine in non-VR). I wonder if that could be it....I'll have to give it another go with the goggles on and see.
  5. I'm not able to change WIDE & NARROW on the FLIR using this keybind - is this a bug or am I doing it wrong? I also read in Chuck's guide that a long press of that button will switch between CCD & FLIR modes. If so that doesn't work either. Bug or me again? Thanks!!
  6. Whats the transition like for someone whom has been flying the I? Is it just learning a few new systems or is it starting from scratch?
  7. You don’t happen to have a replacement for the MAN RNG/UNCAGE pot/switch do you? The shaft on mine came out and won’t stay in, so I’m thinking it will need to be replaced.
  8. I'm going to add my voice to the "both" category! I like my A-10 and Black Shark, but FC3 is fun too.
  9. Good tip on the no rudder trim. Takeoff tutorial is excellent. I was able to safely take off no problems first time. The plane seemed to lift itself off the runway.
  10. I ran into this too. For me, the fix was to make sure the password was put in the config file in quotes (ie "password") then all was well. This was in 1.2.3 too.
  11. Anyone else have problems with sound cutting out in the F15 when in afterburner? If I bring the throttle out of burner, the sound returns.
  12. Prolly will come this weekend, as I have little available time for a new patch!
  13. Snap views in multiplayer and single player are different for me. Any way to get them to be the same?
  14. No, it isn't seen by DCS World as an axis/axes :( I've tried this type of mapping MIX 3 Target_Designator_Left ^ Target_Designator_Right MIY 3 Target_Designator_Down ^ Target_Designator_Up but it winds up being too sensitive in FC3, but it is ok in BS2.
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