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  1. Ok I edited the Server.lua file, but still can not zoom out like I can with a single screen. Do I need to make they values bigger?
  2. not sure then, try setting your controls to default.
  3. lol the tiny box you are referring to is a little orange box that VKB calls "the black box". So we are saying the same thing.
  4. my MKIVs came with a black box. You dont need it if you plugging them into a Gladiator base but you will need the black box if you dont.
  5. Yes I am using 3 screens as 1. I tried the 3 screen set up that Fitness88 posted above, but no matter how much I play with the viewDx number it wont line up right. Is there any way to get the 3 screens as 1 setup have the same FOV as the normal 1 screen FOV. I just want to zoom out more so I can see the instruments.
  6. You have to bind DLC Thumbwheel Forward and Aft. Do a search for that in keybindings. This will allow you to move the flaps to any position.
  7. OMG this is the worst thing I have found so far. Please make the hit box bigger for the switch.
  8. Thanks but what do I use to edit the LUA file
  9. Hi everyone I am new to DCS world. I have a triple monitor set up and from the research I have done so far, it seems I am going to have FOV issues. I want the FOV on my triple monitors to look the same as if it was on a single monitor. Do I need to edit my LUA files to accomplish this? If so can someone please give me a current link to a LUA file editor and the most current guide to set up triple monitor FOV please? I have found a few posts but I want the most current guides. Thanks for any help
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