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  1. IDK, mabye if a proper FOI request was filed the Navy would release them. Im not well read on how that process works though.
  2. sorry it took so long to reply, been busy http://www.newportaero.com/home/manuals/navairs/browse/_1550/navairs.html here you go, there more than just those listed as well
  3. So while I personally voted no I think there is a way to do this that walks the line rather well, Make a setting in mission editor which determines whether HARMs/Mavs can go on 4/6. This setting would also allow a bit more room in the future for other such problems. Call it Hypothetical mode or something akin to that. Just my opinion though.
  4. What sucks is that I found a despository of aim 54 manuals and documentation. But It is all locked for DOD contractors only. Also it should be noted that the 54C uses a WGU much like the 120As, and the 54C ECCM variant (of which the marjority of Cs were) had a WGU that was MORE advanced than the 120As.
  5. Thanks for the reply! That does indeed stink but it doesnt take away from the campaign at all. Im two missions in and loving it so far and those kneeboards are amazing. Great work!
  6. If I may ask, what was the reasoning behind the fictional skins/squadrons?
  7. Aim 54Cs were painted white until 1989, I would love an option for 1980s Cs as well. Ofc the A scheme should come first but the Cs should get the option too. I just think it would be easy to just remodel the As to be white and have a duplicate version of C, one in white the other in 90s low viz
  8. oops, did not mean to post this in the general HB section. My bad.
  9. Howdy, is there currently any plan to implement Jester checklists much like Assisted Start up for landing, taxi, ascent, etc? Especially for stuff like Carrier Operations I feel like being able to use Voice Attack and have Jester read through the checklist for you would be really cool. Just wanted to know if their was any hope of seeing this. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  10. Bug: When running assisted startup in the F-14A Jester seems to be reading off the A+/B checklist, because he mentions the Engine Mode Select panel as if its still in the cockpit.
  11. they did change the FM based off of SME input but honestly I like it better
  12. yes I use more than a few skins that have both the Aim 54A and the C in white, I was just hoping there was some way to implement it in game. We will have to wait for word from HB
  13. So I know this is not a priority of the team at the moment (or should I say not on your radar... ok ill see myself out) but I just wanted to ask if HB plans to add both the high viz aim 54 paint to all models of the 54. From everyone I have heard and what I have seen the Aim 54 Cs were painted the standard white up until late 1989, just wanted to know if we will be getting that amazing white skin on the Cs as well as the As. keep up the great work guys!
  14. HB has said they are going to be giving a variety of equipment, afaik we are getting the HGU-55, a grey (late 80s and onward) MBU-14/12 (whichever model our pilots have I forget, they are practically the same), and the MS22001 (I recall something being said about this) which is for late 70s and really really early 80s models. Now I think the real question is will we get the option to put shades on the pilot model
  15. I'm gonna try and interpret the broken english here as meaning you decided to take my comment on priorities and get hurt by it. Why when there are free alternatives would ED focus on those aspects? esp when there is little to no extra functionality one can add than being in a ready room maybe with some ambience its not worth their time. Give us true functionality and then they can do the ready room.
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