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  1. Yes, that is the file. It goes in your user profile folder so if you had it there before then it is probably still there. I know having that file eliminates frequent pausing or stuttering in the game for many. Since it is related to USB scans, worth a shot.
  2. Have you created the autoexec.cfg file in your user saved games folder to prevent USB scanning after the game has started?
  3. I had a similar problem. Adding the autoexec.cfg referenced above cleared it up for me and has for a lot of others also.
  4. I have all the modules I want, which is most of them, going back to 2012. I have no objection to a subscription model provided it is optional. Those of us who have bought modules over the years would be unaffected unless we chose to subscribe. Those who opt for the monthly fee would have access to what they want. This would affect me in no way.
  5. Not so much stuttering but occasional pauses, sometimes for several seconds, can be caused by USB issues. You can correct that by creating an autoexec.cfg in your c:\users\<username>\saved games\<dcs folder>\config folder. The content of the autoexec.cfg is: no_device_hotplug = true
  6. I mapped 8088 also and it appears to be working now. Odd that it worked before without that.
  7. Having trouble after updating dedicated server to 2.5.6. The server connects and appears in my DCS site profile with the correct IP and port listed. When I select the server is shows and not running. The local browser shows the correct server name and it is running. I have port forwarding mapped for 10308 and it worked at 2.5.5. Suggestions?
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