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  1. It might not be realistic but someone looking for a tutorial who just spend the money on the a-10 mod then needing to dbl that for the nevada map seems just steep to me. Nevada map also just doenst interest me. all the others do. Just personal prefference.
  2. The manual doesnt state what I should use these rockets for with the computer, on the knob in the back 0-8, is it 0?
  3. was wondering if someone could look at this to see what I might be doing wrong. Trying to get a custum skinn added and this squadron name refuses to show up. I have the file in dcs saved game\dcs\liberation\Squadrons\ka-50 hokum directory. but just refuses to show. AGS50-Akula.yml
  4. Anyone out there using this and managed to sett up a custum squadron? Tried using there directions and just doesnt seem to work.
  5. I renamed it to temp so still have a bunch of stuff. attached file dcs.log
  6. Decided to switch from steam to dcs stand alone. Erased steadm including save game file and when i boot it up just goes to black screen
  7. I like track ir, even though still fiddling with it not to alway shift.
  8. Anyone else think helmet sight is to low. I wish I could raise it so to speak its not on my centrenview but like lower centre
  9. Ugg the baltic dragob campaign requires the nevada map. Defiantly not a map that interests me
  10. That baltic dragon campaign looks promising
  11. I am having a blast with dcs liberation, even when I die which is lot, I like to see what happens to evvery thing else. That being said, woulndt mind getting better, are the tutorial campaigns worth while? I have read a lot on how to fly and operate the thing on you tube but doesnt not much in the way of tactics and still learning things as well.
  12. Dont have pedals and is wondering and not super familar with helicpoters. So between KA 50 and Hind which one would be easier to fly. I have a VKB gunfighter with the twist function though.
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