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  1. Impressive Mod. Nice work. Anyone else seeing the nose wheels floating 2 inches off the deck when placed as a static?
  2. Thanks for the response. You are correct; items in the ME personnel and in structures subcategories can be placed on the Tarawa. Additionally, the "Airfield and deck equipment" subcategory contains Super Carrier specific GSE that can also be used. What I was hoping for (feature requesting) was the return of the bespoke yellow ground service vehicles that Razbam created specifically for the Tarawa. These assets have already been created by Razbam and it would be cool if they were made available as static objects. They are distinctive in photos of the actual ships.
  3. Sorry, not getting it (total newb). I'm in the mission editor now and I don't see a Supercarrier props category in static objects. Don't know what iirc is.
  4. With the removal of the Tarawa baked in static objects in a recent update we lost all the GSE yellow gear. Those items appear in all the LHA reference photo's I've seen. It would be great if the various vehicles (fork lifts, tugs, etc.) could be made available again as static objects in the "Airfield and deck equipment" category.
  5. Sorry guys this turned out to be a waste of time. "Air Brake Button - B" which deploys brakes only when held down is effectively the neutral button. If it is momentarily clicked, with the animated rear cockpit switch in either position, the brake switch drops in to neutral when released.
  6. In my options "F" is "Flaps Flight Position". I'm trying to get the rear cockpit Air Brake switch back in to neutral after use (so that the front cockpit can operate) My options only have: Air Brake Button - B Air Brake Switch - CLOSE - LCtrl+B Air Brake Switch - OPEN - LShift+B No neutral? With CLOSE and OPEN bound the throttle switch the animated rear cockpit air brake switch remains in the last used position even when the button is no longer pressed. It has to be mouse clicked to get back to neutral (returning front cockpit control).
  7. Exactly. Rear cockpit air brake neutral key bind. You can manually click it to the center with the mouse but i cant find a way to map that to my throttle air brake button.
  8. Anybody know the key binding for air brake neutral? I can't find it. If the instructor touches the air brake the front cockpit is locked out. Background (DCS L-39 manual page 55): In the rear cockpit this switch has three positions: forward (air brake retraction), middle (neutral) and aft (air brake extension). Important: The air brake control switch in the rear cockpit is a command one. The air brakes can be controlled from the front cockpit only if the rear cockpit switch is in the neutral position
  9. The reflections look really rough in 2d as well, especially the rear cockpit. At least the huge baked in helmet reflection in the rear cockpit has been changed.
  10. Thanks for the fix Heatblur. Big improvement!
  11. Thanks! That was it for me. Always striving for a new way to fumble finger a fiasco in the target area.
  12. I'm guessing you're right, but not having to edit the .lua for basic features is still on my wishlist. Or maybe it's part of the new cyberwarfare module for DCS where you have to learn to be a programmer to play.
  13. +1. Would like individual UP/MVR/DN flap keybinds available in the stock aircraft. It seems pretty weak to require editing a .lua file for something as fundamental as flaps.
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