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  1. I'm guessing you're right, but not having to edit the .lua for basic features is still on my wishlist. Or maybe it's part of the new cyberwarfare module for DCS where you have to learn to be a programmer to play.
  2. +1. Would like individual UP/MVR/DN flap keybinds available in the stock aircraft. It seems pretty weak to require editing a .lua file for something as fundamental as flaps.
  3. +1. If this were an air force aircraft this would be annoying, but I wouldn't worry much about it. For a carrier based jet you need to be able to see the AOA indexer.
  4. P-40B or P-40C Tomahawk would be fun.
  5. +1 Would love to see this in DCS.
  6. +1 Just assumed this was in the definition of a modern module. Didn’t think it would be an ask.
  7. Didn't know about that. Generally try to just run a stock install, but if they don't address this in "Tank Killer" I'll check it out.
  8. Seems like most(?) modules use the convention of right click moves a switch up and left click moves it down. It would be nice if A-10 conformed to this. Also switches that stop at their limits rather than rotating through. In other words left click multiple times on a switch and it goes to its lowest position then stops rather than cycling to the top and continuing to move.
  9. Getting this as well on Caucasus. Exiting and running repair brings them back but they eventually disappear again.
  10. Thanks! It felt like I was screwing up. Recently started experimenting with faster/sloppier startup and figured I'd end up paying the price.
  11. Thanks Lanzfeld113. I did try that. When I switch the INS to ground it doesn't matter how long I wait at certain spawn points. The alignment never starts. Attached track is same as above except I never select STD HDG. new INS in GND 2.trk
  12. Having trouble with GND align Guys, I'm having a lot of trouble with the new INS on shore based alignments. I'm getting stuck with with this on the MPCD: GRND QUAL: NO ATT TIME: 0:00 (flashing) STD HDG (boxed) Doesn't matter how long you wait. This only occurrs at some shore based spawn points but it always happens. CV seems ok, and other shore spawn points align just fine. Anybody else seeing this? new INS in GND.trk
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