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  1. Are there any known issues with Windows 11 and SSA? I can't get it to work and when I play a test with the sound module I see the green sound file but the buttkicker isn't activating.
  2. You two heroes obviously missed this: "so get used to it" I was letting the OP know what to expect. Lets wait two months and see if I am wrong with his steam expectations.
  3. Will you be alright? I recant the awful words. "ED rewards steam players by giving the a more exclusive and shorter period of discounted products."
  4. This is how they do things, so get used to it. They used steam for the outreach but then punish steam players because of the revenue loss. They usually say there is a "technical difficulty" and get if fixed in a few days... apparently they are the only company that suffers from such problems. Normally some guy will read your post and respond with something like "you should get off steam anyways because..." Sigh
  5. I think it’s the biggest misstep in an otherwise amazing ecosystem. Paywall assets and maps, hodgepodge theatres and airframes…. Such a great sim with serious handicaps. Charge more for the planes and make the assets and maps free to grow the online community.
  6. Adding SC features to Forrestal for those that own SC would be an epic solution that only enhances the SC DLC. Probably a lot easier said than done. I am very excited about the new carrier, but it is hard to use it knowing it doesn’t have the cool stuff.
  7. Anyone have some advice on current chips on the market? Intel 11900KF seems like the best?
  8. Yeah, steam is great; and it works great. But to have a large 50% sale for weeks online but "cant figure out how to do it on steam" is what is persistently annoying and quite suspect.
  9. Honestly its annoying how ED treats the steam users. I get it, it costs them money; but they made that decision when they released on steam. It's never a surprise how ED "has technical trouble" working with Steam and no other game seems to suffer as much. Yes, I could move to stand alone and all would be well, but I was brought to DCS with steam and I prefer to have my steam friends see me playing DCS so that they are enticed to come as well (which happens a lot). At least IL2 only has the launcher on steam, and the products can be bought on the website and it simply works with steam. Now that would be something.
  10. I think a lot of the point is lost here. It’s not about money per se, it’s about removing fences that ultimately increase confusion and shave off players. Charge more and tear down the fences. I don’t really care, I happily buy all the crap... but my friends can’t be bothered to navigate all the fences. If you feel like DCS has a vibrant and thriving WWII scene, so be it.
  11. Be that as it may, a lot of what he wrote should be honestly examined. I would suggest you guys consider building the cost of "assets" into the maps and planes. Bite the bullet one time and never look back. Maybe give the people that own the pack a "coupon" to ease their pain... or not.
  12. Do we know if any of this is being sorted for the release of 2.7?
  13. Now that you say that, it may have been it. Pretty cool if that is the case.
  14. So on mission 2 and mission 3 I have had odd airspeed gauge problems on landing. The first mission, the gauge stopped working went to zero after my gear and flaps were down. The next mission (3) I'm on the downwind to land and the gauge hung up at 300 knots and never moved again despite throttling down to almost nothing. I landed at it still showed I was going 300 knots. I have never experienced this before on any F86 flight, so I'm not sure if its something I am doing wrong to break the gauge while landing or if this is some sort of bug.
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