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  1. Yeah it pretty much sucks. I love going in Google earth VR and steam has it but it's having issues today and not allowing me to download it. I'm only getting 20fps in DCS even though it definitely looks nicer in the G2 but possibly because OH was running too.. This whole thing has been very confusing
  2. I did indeed and appreciate it it. When I have DCS running well and can get Steam to instal Google Earth VR I will certainly do that. Thanks again
  3. ok thanks, seems a bit rubbish though as there's still Oculus stuff I wanted to use.
  4. Hi all noob question just got the G2 and tryinbg to figure out how to run it has been a nightmare. First of all even though I've removed DCS from Oculus Home it still wants to run OH alongside Steam and WMR I've spent three days following every guide I can. all of them using Nvidia cards and I have a radeon 5700XT. Steam VR seems to pick DCS up ok. But do you have to add it in properly? Very confusing all this! Any help and no trolling greatly appreciated
  5. I've spent nearly 4 hours just today on this mission. getting really fed up with it. I have found a guy on youtube doing it. I've copied his height and speed and heading with Dutch in formation behind and still time after time abort abort abort! Baltic dragon please help! There's literally no explanation of anything in this campaign!
  6. Hi really struggling with mission 9. can we set the hornet to use precise co ords and then we get them in the right format? or what is the sum we have to work out to convert what the JTAC is sending? Also Everytime I find a target and then press space bar he tells me abort abort abort I'm not in a target cone... what the hell is that and why isn't it explained anywhere?? I've tried to attack from ebery angle and he aborts it every time. not that I know what or where the target is in the first place because of these stupid coordinates! I really do love this campaign but there's so much that isn
  7. Apparently it's to do with the way the Hornet displays co ordinates. it does it in degrees minutes and decimal minutes. JTAC's give it in degrees minutes and seconds. apparrently if you convert it, the co ords bring you the correct target. :-)
  8. Hi Loving Raven One Campaign I really am. but there's so much not explained like all the RT froim various sources like Strike etc.. So I find myself really not knowing what I'm doing a lot of the time. I do want to learn it but would be very happy if some of the RT was sent in a seperate file or something. Anyway on mission 9 I clear the helo's coming in then come back to Venom. He gives me co ordinates for targets he wants us to take out but when I put them in via the waypoint function on the left DDI it shows literally nothing. Both targets co-ords don't show any targets. then lots of RT wit
  9. Hi loving Raven One but I dont understand what the briefings are referring to sometimes. like takje off fly 040 for 20 and angels 5 is that fly at a bearing of 040 degree for 20 miles at angels 5? Also I did the long transit on misison 3 where it told me it had saved the mission. I loaded DCS up again and it had moved me to mission 4. very irritating is there something I've missed is there a way to load form that tanker save point please?! Chaser
  10. Yes the controls monitor shows no such movement and no crosswind would throw a military jet off the side of the runway...
  11. The Hornet has started developing rudder issues. Going to the left while taxxing but on take off slewing hard to the right with no inputs on the rudder at all. I'm having to take off with full left rudder and some brake to go in a straight line. I'm one of 3 people I know of having this problem.
  12. I tried this and the command is in the VR section. But what I did find was the information required at the end of the module where I have to press the middle mouse button and it activates the cursor and then you can use the rift headset to look around and the mouse to interact with stuff. :-)
  13. My Rift controllers will only move buttons one way in the F18C cockpit is there a way round this at all? Or is it easier to use the mouse? If so how can you make sure the mouse appears in game?
  14. I've had this problem too. two says ago I wa able to bind keys to my stick in the F15 fine, but next it wouldn't let me in the F18..
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