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    What you assume is something that is very misunderstood within the community.  There is no such thing as the LSO saying 3/4mile call the ball.. There is also not such a thing as the LSO saying "paddles contact" all the time. 

    First you need to understand that the boat can operate either CQ or Cyclic... (CQ to gain or re-gain qualification, and Cyclic is the Normal way of operation) 
    During CQ Case I a ball call is made. It would actually be something like "206, Hornet ball, with your last name". 

    During Cyclic Case I a ball call is NOT made.. The whole idea of cyclic ops is to reduce emissions and protect the boats position. 

    Another thing you need to understand is that during case I or II there is no such thing as 3/4 of a mile... VERY MISUNDERSTOOD IN DCS...
    During a case I or II, the groove length is based on time.. Ideally 15 to 18 seconds.. FORGET THE 3/4 of a mile and NEVER use it again when speaking about case I or case II.

    During Case III a ball call is always made..  AND during case III the 3/4 of a mile comes into play... 
    Now how would that go... 

    -You commence on Marshal  BTN 16
    -You will then be transferred to Approach on either BTN 15 or BTN 17... every other aircraft will be on a different button to declutter the frequency.
    -At 8 miles the final approach controller takes over by saying XXX, Final radar contact... ( HE WILL BE ON THE SAME FREQUENCY AS THE APP CONTROLLER ) 
    -At 3/4 of a mile the FINAL APPROACH CONTROLLER will say something as 204, On course, on Glidepath 3/4 of mile call the ball... 
    -You will reply with you're modex, type, ball, (and possibly AUTO) 
    -THEN the LSO will answer with a roger, ball something like "Roger ball, X knots" or Roger ball, x-knots, port, starboard, axial. 
    “Axial” is used for a starboard wind of about 3 knots. “Starboard” is used for a starboard wind of 4+ knots. “Port” is used for a port wind of 3+ knots

    @Golo After the initial marshal call, there will still be a "see you at 10" Marshal will then transfer you to TWR and you will NOT check-in with tower during Cyclic.. This is where the ZIP-LIP starts.  I made a video that explains it all. 
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