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  1. BTW.. I'm sure that the devs will figure it out given enough time... so be waaaaaaater ^_^
  2. What's weirder is that removing ALL map objects (trigger) gives nearly the same performance. O_O So: Either objects are calculated even when removed from map, or the problem is not in the settings or in the textures, shapes, etc. Have anyone tried too to remove trees and buildings, and check again with usual current specs and settings?
  3. Hi NineLine, My specs are: i5-9600K CPU 16GB RAM GeForce RTX 2070 Using Steam version and VR I have tried to set everything to low or off, unluckily without a noticeable improvement. On the other hand I have removed all the trees and objects with a trigger "remove objects in zone" and I get only +5 / +10fps. So it doesn't seem to be something related with map objects. Maybe this could be a clue to the devs Thanks!
  4. No, it has nothing to do with the trees or the houses. Information for developers: I though maybe the high density of objects was the problem, because this only happens in the islands (in open sea I get 50-60fps easily) But I have removed aaaaall the objects through a trigger "remove objects in zone" and I get only 30-35 fps. Something is weird arround the islands sections. ^.^
  5. Uffff, Holly Molly guys. 25fps in the map with the same configuration in VR that gives me 45 fps in Caucasus and 35-40 pfs in Persian Gulf (with no other object than me in the mission). Anyone having same behavior?, I think this map is not good optimized for VR ^_^
  6. Hi all, I found gold in DCS wiki ^_^ https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Getting_started_with_GCI/AWACS
  7. Hi, Thanks both for your answers. I will try to explain myself better ^_^ You are a fighter or an interceptor and you call the awacs to request where the enemy aircraft group is. AWACS will tell you: "BRA 128 for 20 at 15000". This means: Bearing: 128; Range: 20; Altitude: 15000. So, you have to turn 128 heading and expect enemy at 20 nmiles and 15000 ft Is there some brevity code similar to BRA or BRAA to tell a strike aircraft the bearing and range to the ground target/destiny/waypoint? (no giving him coordinates, but bearing and range) Like "BR 128 for 20" (of course radar altitude is 0. So no "A") or "your heading 128 for 20" or something like that
  8. Hi all, I'm wondering is there some kind of brevity code equivalent for BRA or BRAA, but for ground units/destination? I mean, if mission command wants to give needed heading from an ally aircraft to a ground unit, he said: BRA 128º/26 (but there is no aspect) Bearing 128º/26 your possition 128º/26 or what? Thanks!
  9. Congratulations again for this mod. Each version is more and more astonishing! Maybe someone could help me. In version 6.7 the Hercules is drifting to the left at low speed that makes very difficult to handle the aircraft. This don't happened to me in v6.5 and before. Thanks in advance.
  10. I completely agree, of course. But if it is difficult to be develope or will have a great performance impact, I can live with bullets that ignore trees. ^_^
  11. Now that 2 helicopters are on the scope of ED next releases, there is some problem in DCS that should be faced regarding anti-troop missions. There is nothing more annoying than flying to your objective for 45 minutes and find a bunch of guys trenched in a tree line, that makes them completely invulnerable to anything you fire agains them (miniguns, 30mm cannon, rockets, sticks and stones, etc) Is there any possibility to make bullets ignore trees? I know that is not realistic. Trees give some cover for sure but, in my oppinion is less realistic firing your miniguns 1 full minute to the trenched troops without achieving a single hit on them because inmortal trees. What is worse, this is completely game breaker. If I had to choose, I prefer bullets ignoring trees than invulnerable troops.
  12. Same for me. I'm using steam version and constant CTD happens from the latest patch install. What is worse: after 2 of these crashes, steam do not acknowledge that DCS has crashed, and continue as if DCS is ok. I had to force restart steam because steam continue to be executed (crashed, but the DCS window still appears in the task bar). Once restarted, Steam DOES NOT FIND DCS AS ALREADY INSTALLED and I had to install DCS again 2 times!!!!! This is a nightmare, more than 100GB to be installed twice because the fatal CTD
  13. At least you get a lock.... I can't get contact most of the time until 50 miles or less even knowing the exact position of the enemies and having the radar looking in that same location. In this video you can see a lot of contacts in the IFF at 35000 ft coming directly for me, and the radar is unable to see them until 50 miles or less. (sorry for the quality, but it was played live on VR and it is imposible to save a track that is not corrupted) https://app.box.com/s/n934nnxarhxqzvqtqqm2cjkr91ey1mjt Once they are 40 miles or less, I have the same issue as you. The contacts blink out of existence constantly even when you are 20 miles and pointing them with the aircraft nose (literally). I though is was me, but I believe that the f18 radar is brokem from some time.
  14. Yes of course. If you don't uncage the mav, you don't even get image from the MAV seeker head in the MFD. 1. set HOTAS mode. TPOD is "master" 2. set PT mode 3. slew TPOD to the target 4. TPOD acquires the target and follows it 5. Uncage mav. MAV seeker head is static on the position where the target was adquired. It doesn't follow the target/TPOD 6. move the TPOD to release target. MAV seeker jumps, magically, to the position of the TPOD 7. Slew TPOD to the target. Maverick seeker head follows TPOD 8. TPOD adquires the target and follows it. MAV seeker head freezes on the position where the target was re-acquired etc...
  15. In fact what I have seen is that the TPOD in PT mode is following the target automatically, but the "slaved" maverick is not. As soon as you move the TPOD to lose the target, the maverick starts to follow the TPOD again, until you reacquire the target. The TPOD follows it automatically again, but the maverick frozes in the last TPOD position where it reacquired the target O_O
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