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  1. Hi Kybinec, Have you tried using open composite? It does something magic which allows you to bypass steam vr so it shouldn't affect your frame rates.
  2. Have you tried running it in Steam VR mode?
  3. Ah that was it, thanks for the help. Also, this mod is absolutely amazing. Thanks T-Pap
  4. Does this mod require the super carrier DLC? I keep getting a message saying the DLC's aren't authorised and will be disabled
  5. Is the Q2 much of an improvement on the rift s in terms of actually being able to read dials/displays in the cockpit? If it is a big improvement does this have a big impact on performance? I currently use a rift s with super sampling set to 1.3 in the OTT, if I had a Q2 could I get similar performance with SS at 0 but be able to read stuff in the cockpit better?
  6. This is really interesting. I've got a rift s and want to upgrade so I was considering the quest 2 but it seems from the above comments that the G2 looks better and gives better performance. Trouble is there aren't any G2's available!
  7. I'm pretty sure I don't have any led management software but I think I'll try doing a clean install of Windows, my computer was due one which was why I've been thinking of getting an M.2 drive. These micro stutters aren't unique to DCS, I get them in other sims as well. It often seems to be the case that when I fly round in circles in the same area the stutters stop. It feels like the process of loading new scenery is causing the problem.
  8. Thanks for your reply. Do you think upgrading to an m.2 NVMe drive could reduce the number of frame time spikes? Sometimes it seems as if some of the spikes are caused by scenery being loaded, I have no idea if this is absolute nonsense though.
  9. Hi, I get occasional micro stutters from frame time spikes and it can be quite immersion breaking. Is this normal in VR or is there a way of eradicating them completely? I was wondering if installing an M.2 NVMe drive might help. Any ideas? Just to clarify, Neither my GPU or any CPU cores are above 60% when this happens so I thought it might be something to do with the SSD I'm using not being quite fast enough. My Specs: i7 9700k @ 4.9MHz, RTX 2080 Super, 32 GB Ram @ 3200 MHz, Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro, Oculus Rift S. 1TB SSD
  10. I find that the F-14 has worse performance in VR than the F-5E, haven't tried the other 2 though. The Harrier is a lot of fun in VR but the performance is no better than the F-5E for me. Have you considered trying a helicopter? The Huey has relatively good VR performance and is soooo much fun to fly in VR.
  11. I haven't read the whole thread but have you tried disconnecting your computer from the internet? I had a similar problem a few months ago where I had stutters on DCS and elite dangerous but no other games. Turned out it was a hard drive connected to my router which was causing the problem.
  12. Also had this problem. It was the my cloud hard drive which is attached to my router which was causing the stuttering. It was also causing problems in Elite Dangerous but no other games.
  13. Found the problem. I have a my cloud hard drive which is connected to the router. This was causing the stuttering. Further info on this thread https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=212325&page=4
  14. Progress! I've unplugged my Ethernet cable and the problem has gone. Any idea why that could be causing the problem? A firewall issue maybe?
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I've uninstalled my anti virus and forced ASW to always be on but I'm still having no luck unfortunately.
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