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  1. I have decided to say goodbye to the DCS community and DCS as a whole. I have been playing DCS for 2 years now and have enjoyed being able to fly the various modules, Tomcat, F18, Huey, Gazelle, F16 to name a few but unfortunately some elitist members of this “community” make it not a nice, actually extremely toxic place to be. I have seen it time and time again whenever anyone voices a legitimate grievance (Usually comes down to a complete lack of communication) there are a selection of White Knights and apologists who will take it upon themselves to ridicule, belittle and attack this cus
  2. That skin looks amazing Reflected.
  3. Here's a great documentary shot aboard U.S.S. Constellation in the late 80's featuring VF-21. My mate in secondary who introduced me to the F-14 had this on VHS after watching this I was hooked.
  4. On the old forum i used to open the forum, then could go to Official Updates for example and with a glace you could see if the thread you were interested in had been updated as the heading was bold and then jump straight to the last page. Is this possible here? Atm i'm seeing Sticky's highlighted (in yellow) but cannot tell if the thread has been updated and can't see if it's possible to quickly go to the last page. Anyone know if this is doable on the new forum.
  5. Thanks for the update Mike and thanks to you and your team for making my Top Gun dreams a reality.
  6. Thanks Mike. When Cobra stated you'd start "discussing the sweeping changes next week" I took that to mean you'd start to show more of, the A in particular the week commencing 14th September.
  7. Have i missed posts from HB relating to the F14. Cobra said in the F14 Priority post on the 8th September "Stay tuned as we begin discussing the sweeping changes to the F-14 coming in October next week!" As of yet i haven't seen anything relating to the A at all. I've only seen the changelogs so far. Have i missed some posts somewhere?
  8. In RL this has happened. There was a particular incident in the 80's where an airliner was witnessed by the radar operator breaking into several pieces. He called "I've got multiple returns, It's showing 5 returns!!" Or words to that affect as he watched this happen.
  9. IronMike posted this a few days ago. Doesn't sound like it's coming in the next patch sadly.
  10. For christmas my nephew wanted a VR ready gaming PC. My sister gave me a budget and asked me to build it. To the best of my recollection this is what i put in it. I7 4790k, Corsair H100i, 16gb Corsair Vengeance ram and MOBO bundle £300 EVGA 600W PSU £50 Asus Strix 1070 £210 1gb SSD £100 500gb SSD £30 NZXT H500i £90 Oculus Rift CV1 & Touch £230 This machine runs DCS in VR on medium-high settings without any issue at all, more importantly though only cost a grand. I got a DK2 in 2014 and cannot imagine playing a vehicle sim on a monitor anymore. I've found that muscle memory h
  11. I've tried but no joy. I'll try reinstalling the Cat and see if that helps
  12. I'm no longer able to turn on the lights on the Tomcat. Prior to last weeks update i would set my lights using the right side panel and hit a button on my throttle i'd set as the master toggle. This no longer works. I'm unable to get any lights except for cockpit lights.
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