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  1. Ok understood Thank you. For me, at a certain point, it seems electrical power is not powerful enough to feed fuel pumps.
  2. Hi, Sorry to dig a so old topic up but I can't see in which way this is a resoved bug ? On my end, as long you manually stop the engine the above re-lit procedure works fine. But the engine re-liting seems impossible when the latter shuts during an inverted loop (or a straight inverted flight) with afterburner on. Did I missed something ? If so, can someone help ? Thanks
  3. I'm afraid I can't really help you much more. Like jojo said previoulsly I suppose it's a matter of balance between the screen brightness setting and DCS gamma setting. For info my screen brightness setting is very low and my DCS gamma is 2.4. Also note I'm using DCS stable version on this one.
  4. Very different here.Without and with COCKPIT GLOBAL ILLUMINATION on:
  5. OP, Sorry to dig this old subject up but did you set COCKPIT GLOBAL ILLUMINATION on? It works fine on my system.
  6. Ok understood, thank you for the reply. So I guess we could consider the 300m mentioned in the DCS manual as an acceptable length? If so, did you had a chance to try my settings ? I only changed the "Max brake moment" from this setting: 0.33 * 8000.0 to that one: 0.02 * 8000.0. Unfortunately this do not modelised the braking behavior as described above (no lockup) but at least it makes the braking weaker.
  7. Ok Understood. Thanks to all for explanations. I'm looking forward to see how this will be managed in a future update. BTW does someone know the minimum (without any damage) landing run length ?
  8. Thanks to all, Ok, so if I understand correctly, in real life Yak-52' brakes don't brake effectively in normal use (pumping) but if you keep them pressed then they lock wheels ?
  9. Sorry there's something I don't understand. If brakes are not effective and you keep the brake lever pressed I can understand an overheating and damaging with brake lining and then a more or less complete loss of braking but why then tyres would burst ?
  10. It works as intended! :thumbup: All 12 aircrafts are correctly displayed. The use of the parking spots is a great idea but it makes customisation a bit more demanding. Will you extend this idea to other airfields ?
  11. Hi Hardcard, Thanks for your work. The improved script makes customisation easier, unfortunately it doesn't work with more than 2 Clients.:(
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