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  1. Hi, I'm having the exact same issue, and I'm not finding solutions... I'm having CTD on every MP missions and also on SP if I set some units. My crashes are exactly the same, DCS crash, black screen, sometimes the video driver crashes. I can accelarate the passive memory leak while loading some liveries in spectator view. My 32Go are destroyed in a couple of seconds when I do this. Did someone find a way to fix this?
  2. Good job thanks! Just saw Dan's post! Is he still alone on the Gazelle?
  3. Hello, as everybody knows ED just changed core lights settings in the 2.5.6, it affected all modules. The Gazelle still looks like a Christmas Tree, will we have an update soon? I assume that this is only values to change in the code so why is'nt it done? Is the module just abandonned at this state? Cheers.
  4. That's exactly the question I was asking myself, I was discussing with friends on an "other sim". I don't want to name it because I'll get censored or banned ^^. And we get better performances on this one... I gonna ask it to BN.
  5. Hi, it's the same for all ED modules at this moment!
  6. So there is a problem somewhere else, an AMRAAM not able to reach a 55nm launch considering that DLZ are not implemented. Before this update we where capable to get a real max range over 60 nm
  7. Hi there, Since the update, loft seems better, but I founded an issue on the guidance. Note that the first AMRAAM is lauched at 56nm with a low aspect, high altitude and high closure rate. I'm launching this missile way before my HUD indicates max range because DLZ are not implemented (cf this post https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4265751) It seems like the missile is not updated and dumb in the last seconds. Missile was supported continuously during the F-POLE and goes HPRF when I still have a SAM lock on the hostile. As you can see, the AI will not defend or do anythin
  8. Second content with tracks on wetransfer (there is more than 3 slots for joint files in the forum) tracks here https://we.tl/t-ETHd8vT5Qx diagrams will be updated as soon as i can:
  9. Hi everybody sorry for my bad english, I was updating my MAR (minimum abort ranges) when I founded a major issue. Disclaimer: - I tested it on the F-16 but I did some with the FA-18, who is displaying the exact same values. - It is possible that this wrong calculation is also present on other A/C. - That's why I need some help from other community members to do more tests. - My diagrams are not complete and I'll update it soon. - I wont enter in details in the subject of 120 performances and hprf/mprf settings. - I wont enter in details in the subject of midcourse update, this
  10. Same problem here, I was trying to change NIGHT/DAY, brightness, shut down the DDI and AMPCD, nothing resolved the issue. I had the issue with a plane started in flight when I was testing a mission.
  11. Same here, SA page unusable (100 FPS down to 10-5), driver version is 445.75
  12. + 1 We need it they won't add more historical livery
  13. +1 Merging threads I posted the same later https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=263698
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