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  1. So, Wags has been teasing us with his Syria map videos. It looks pretty much finished. Is there an announced or expected ETA for the Syria map?
  2. Incredible video. You are living my fantasy. Thanks for posting.
  3. Sidekick, You have one of the more impressive radio voices/speaking abilities(no umm or pauses) that I have heard associated with DCS. What, may I ask, is your profession? You also appear to have a large knowledge base regarding the A-4 and ground attack techniques. Were you, or are you, a military pilot? Love your videos and missions. Please make more.
  4. Just create your own loadout, but understand that you can currently only load bombs.
  5. They are waiting on ED to release the paint kit.
  6. Hands down the best DCS F-14 video I have seen to date. In my opinion, Captain Dale "Snort" Snodgrass would approve!
  7. Great job on the video, please make more!
  8. Extremely impressive. So how many attempts did it take to finally do this?
  9. Would you like some cheese with your whine?
  10. Great job ED! This is as close to a real simulation as the software gaming industry has created to this point. Congrats!
  11. Keep trying. I finally got it to download and it is currently installing.
  12. Thanks for the reply, Svsmokey. No, unfortunately, I only run the Open Beta version.
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