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  1. I have some scripts that install the dedicated server, or upgrade it automatically. But it's flakey, because there is no command line way of doing this - I have to use an app to mimic a users mouse and click on buttons. Brutal! This is really a feature request to ED - whoever is creating the Windows Server version of the dedicated server, that will supposedly replace what we have today. My ask is this - make this completely automated. Give us a script, powershell or whatever, that can auto update the server, and download all maps etc. My use case: I'll create an AWS AMI buil
  2. I removed the MOOSE code in question - and the problem disappeared. I was just running a BAI mission on the B1's. I'll work on the BAI feature again soon - and try your hotplug suggestion if I see it in the new build. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Hopefully Anapa is fixed soon. Sounds like this was an airfield problem and not a plane problem, unfortunately.
  4. FYI - to see it, if you get in the first plane on Blue in the client list, follow startup - -take off and fly to waypoint 2.. you will see this. It's a bit of a long lonely flight.. but.. it's also kind of a nice sunrise :D
  5. I just tested again and it is still an issue, even with a plane that spawns late into the mission. Fri13 - I haven't done exactly what you said, but I did go into axis controls, and test the axis.. they all were responding. However, going back into the game I had no controls. The mission I liked to (on the branch) above, still has this issue. I've tried a couple of times. It's ONLY when I get to the Arco tanker though, which is a little strange. There's a moose command that fires right then sending the B1 bombers to a different waypoint. I also have a late spawn plan
  6. If you want another mission to test with: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i0qt89il04h5jsq/MP-Caucus-Anapa-v14-alpha-with-moose%20-%20Arco-stuck-on-runway.miz?dl=0 Arco taxi's and then gets stuck on Sukhumi.
  7. I have that windows game stuff turned off, but it is entirely possible that something did just take focus away from DCS. I'll post if this happens again, and confirm I have focus on the window. My wheel is a Fanatec 911 GT3RS - I wasn't aware there was a conflict with wheels - i'm not sure how that could be the case. I sit in front of the wheel and I think one profile I use the wheel as a button box. Is there a link to where the conflict is being tracked - so I know when it's fixed or if it affects my wheel ?
  8. Here are the last 2. If memory serves I was only in the ME after exiting the mission so it should be close to the end. I did run a whole bunch of missions first, and it was ok. I'm using MOOSE, but not sure that could affect something like this... Code is up on a branch: https://github.com/brettswift/dcs-mission-mp-sunrise-scramble/tree/fix/bombers-should-bomb-stuff Logs.zip
  9. Caucus Anapa. It was a B1 bomber that was at the start of the runway at 45 degrees, and had F14's behind him, all AI, and I was in the far rear. I put it behind the F14's and it worked - although there were still about 5 B1's that sucessfully took off before the F14's.
  10. I even did an auto shutdown (WIN-END) and the plane shut off successfully. However, still no controls, and the after burners were still on, and the plane did NOT drop out of the sky. This is after the november update. F-18 is the plane.
  11. With the November update they sometimes just sit there. Can't predictably reproduce every time but if you get a mission in that state it'll happen
  12. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.c...files/3312962/ This mission is in development. But it works as is and I fly it quite a bit because the sunrise is amazing :) What it lacks: success criteria, working B1 bombers. What I love: the tomcat escort in the dark, Sunrise AAR, and after that a bit of everything for you. Main intent: Settle into dcs with a morning startup and 15 min sunrise flight, AAR, then SEAD, then A2G or A2A - or just go practice some super carrier (or Stennis) landings. I built it for a few friends to fly - and for me to learn the ME and the MOOSE framework. It's
  13. still crashing with the latest update.
  14. I moved the stennis around - saved - and reloaded the mission. Still crashes.
  15. I work in the AWS Cloud in my day job, so It's pretty easy to set stuff up there. I fly with friends a few times a week so don't keep the servers on full time. And at 16GB RAM I pay about 0.22$ CAD / hr. If using spot pricing (bid on market price) usually 1/3rd of that. With AWS you'll pay for data leaving the cloud - which will be a decent amount with DCS but shouldn't be that bad for my use case. I'd expect a couple hours flying with friends after tweaking all this is going to be less than $1 Canadian. I know this is a bit of a heavier lift, but if you're ever wanting
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