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  1. Hoffman tutorial mission erratic controls I loaded the mission for the Claus Hoffmann tutorial. When in the A10C nothing works normal. When I move the stick to the right, it goes forward in the sim. Move stick to the left - nothing happens. Startup left engine as per instruction: nothing happens. Etc I then loaded the mission in the mission editor, noticed A10A instead of A10C, changed it to A10C but no difference. What is wrong? In the DCS missions everything works fine. Other modules also work fine.
  2. I have that very problem! Thanks for the tip, will try when back home.
  3. I can tell you that I have the exact same problem. I did the Weapons Training, in VR with my Rift S, and sitting in the door gunner position my view is looking forward. When I try to center it, looking outside it works partially, but then I have no clue toe aim with the door gun, which I do not see in the center of my view but on the side.
  4. I am used to using VOR, ADF, NDB and several GPS units. Not easy to master. But it in the Huey- may indeed I will try dead reckoning. I will see.
  5. Ah, nice, this looks like Navigraph or EFB for Prepar3D. But... I fly only VR (since a few weeks Rift S- tried triple monitor again, but it doesnt feel real enough anymore...).. so I need something in plane.
  6. Hmm, I will think about what method I will use.
  7. Thanks for the quick answer. I am familiar with radio navigation although I have to train to et experience again. But: I indeed found the kneeboard, with the Waypoints on the map, bu I dont see my own aircraft on the kneeboard map. So that doesnt seem too much helpful alas. My point is: suppose I want to place waypoints where no radio beacons are, for example waypoints to navigate between mountain peaks, how do I use them? Or am I missing something on the kneeboard map? I guess I am spoiled with the possibilities in Prepar3D to use EFB and Garmin GNS750 etc. :-)
  8. Has anyone still got the training.zip or torrent?
  9. Hi, I am new here on DCS World. I created a short flight mission for the Huey, consisting of 3 waypoints. May goal is just to fly these waypoints and then land back on the original airfield, to practice Huey flying. However: I dont know how I can navigate these waypoints? Do they show up somehow in the Huey and how can I select succesive waypoints in-flight? I came across this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJwCmeuNLIY, but there is no such map in the Huey that I know of. Regards, Rene
  10. I also set ASW locked to 45 fps. Which in game gives 40 - which is acceptabel. With ASW off or auto I get a lot of blurry objects: when they move I see kind of a ghost picture of the position just before where it now is. (A bit difficult to describe). Rather strange. In other games, when fps drops- well , it just drops and movement is less fluid but never this strange ghost images.
  11. Thanks, discovered that option also. That gives more combinations than I can remember on the short term!:joystick:
  12. Yes I checked it. But now it works! I had to uncheck the Rift controllers.... :music_whistling:
  13. Thanks for your reactions, I will look into it further!
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