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  1. They remind me of a recurring dream I keep having. Like I need to run or walk really fast to get somewhere, but my body will hardly move, like my legs and arms are stuck in mud. All the while I am using all my energy struggling to move.
  2. I get the backstick problem also. You have to disable on the ground. Not sure when it is too late, but I disable before I start up. I cannot disable the stick in the air in this particular campaign. I do not have this issue in any other campaign.
  3. So, with that said, does HB have to get licensing from the US NAVY for the F-14 module, and ED for the F/A-18?
  4. So, I guess I will be buying the Channel Map and P-47 while it is on sale....
  5. Is it possible to create a short tutorial video of the departure only, demonstrating the departure. I am confused about when to tune BLD 114x, from LSV 028x. Right now I just take 028x for 10 miles, then switch to WP1. So far it works, as I am starting Mission 4, but I would like to know I am doing things correctly. Thanks for this great campaign, and all you do for DCS!
  6. This mission should have a supercarrier version. This is one of the best SP missions I have played in a sim in a long time.
  7. Kneepad will tell you Channel 11 for ICLS. EDIT* Already answered. Sorry.
  8. Can confirm. Have tested using EC after enabling EC in the mission editor, and all missions work. You do have to ask Jester to tune the ARC 182 channels, to be able to use the f10 radio communications and commands.
  9. Sorry for late reply. Just so you know, I am on OB, using SC. Thank you for the support and fix on this issue!
  10. I am having an issue with my AI wingman not taking off in Mission 2? Any idea of what would be the cause? I have tried running the mission in SP as well, with the wingman stuck at the catapult.
  11. Don't change it. If someone is "offended", they can play something else.
  12. Why would anyone get the game with Steam, when you don't need too. :doh:
  13. No problem man. Its an easy tweak in the Mission Editor for the end user to do anyway if they want to use EC. Thanks again for this mission set!
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