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  1. Sorry guys - should have checked. Coolie hat UP was not mapped as default! I guess this is (kind of) a bug in itself since the Warthog HOTAS required zero programming for the original A-10C, but in any case; all sorted - thanks guys.
  2. As in the subject - I tested in the original A-10C and the function works, but with A-10Cii it only works when the SOI is not displayed on one of the MFCDs. For example, TGP is SOI, I press Coolie Hat Up Short and nothing happens. If I remove the TGP from the MFCD and then press Coolie Hat Up Short the HUD becomes SOI. Please help!
  3. Hi guys, I've been battling for months (like many of us) to try and get VR playable and now have it in a pretty good way. I get solid 45fps on mainly high settings on Oculus Rift mk.1. However, after a while of flying at seemingly random intervals I get lengthy stutters. Sometimes i'll move my head and get a black image in front of me, and I also often get a spinning hourglass. These pauses are sometimes several minutes apart and often last very little time - but I am getting really good performance the rest of the time and am very confused! I recently upgraded to an SSD which helped enormously, and although my CPU is not great, my general performance is good - so has anybody got any ideas of what might be causing these sporadic stutters?! Thanks! i5-6400, GTX1080, 32GB Ram
  4. It does seem as if VR seems to be an unwelcome nuisance to the ED developers at times! The latest update wrecked my framerates at low level. Sticking to high altitude dogfights for now... Hoping they will fix this!
  5. Thanks guys. Buckeye - i've no idea how to turn Game Mode off (if it is even off) the page where I would expect to find the switch just has a link telling more about it. I reckon it isn't on... In any case, i've tried the VR Pre-Rendered frames and - you guessed it - exactly the same performance. I am hoping an SSD will fix this!
  6. OK latest update for those interested - I have dropped every available graphics settings to the lowest possible, including pixel density and have noticed absolutely no change whatsoever. I am hoping that the stutters are caused by my HDD taking time to find files. I'll be getting an SSD in a week or two so hopefully this will solve the problem!
  7. Hi Eagle, Thanks for the advice, but this has not affected things at all. I'm still running a pretty solid 45fps with sudden and unexpected stutters - especially when maneuvering.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys but no joy! I tried Quadg's settings with the lowest tree options and got no perceptible improvement. Then I tried the VR default settings at PD 1.0 and still have almost the exact same frames and the same occasional frame drops. Any ideas? My only thought is that it could be my HDD taking time to call up files, and thus could be solved by running off an SSD.
  9. Thanks Quadg, Do you have the normal ASW settings and do you get solid 45fps?
  10. Hi everybody, I am relatively new to VR (I have the rift) and still trying to optimise my graphics settings - generally I am able to get a consistent 45fps using ASW, but I tend to get sudden FPS drops for what seems like no reason, it often seems to happen if I make a violent maneuver, but sometimes it seems to happen for no reason at all. Bear in mind, when launching weapons, external views or flying over cities I normally get a solid 45 fps using ASW. My specs and current settings are below: CPU: i5 6400 RAM: 24gb DDR4 GPU: GTX 1080 Running everything from an HDD Graphics settings are: PD=1.3 Textures = High Terrain Textures = High Civ traffic = Low Water = High Vis Range = Medium Heat Blur = Low Shadows = Low Res of Cockpit displays = 1024 MSAA = Off DOF = Off Lens = None Motion Blue = Off SSAA = Off Clutter = 750 Trees = 90% Preload 150000 (max) Chimeny Smoke -= 1 Gamma = 2.2 Anisotropic Filtering = 16x Terrain Object Shadows = Default Cockpit Global Illumination = On Re: my graphics settings - I have tried lots of other options and found them largely the same FPS wise. MSAA and high shadows are a killer, but dropping the options you see below I find virtually no improvement unless i'm in a super busy airfield on the ground. Any help would be massively appreciated!
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