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  1. Hy Revinn, you mean the P-51 or F-16 Pedals on the MFG? Nice setup you are using. This cockpit gives lots of freedom using gear.
  2. Hello Goblin / JT, I have seen your vid and I want to say you have made an amazing job with this concept, where nowadays space is expensive. Are you still using this setup?
  3. Hello together, had again nerv wrecking days and nights to bring the optical appearance of the P-51 pedals to the maximum. Left to right is the evolution of the p51 test prints. In the middle the print is done with kind of ironing while printing, nice details and matte appearance, right the layers are parallel and it looks harmonic in total. What do you think. Would be a matt mil green one nicer?
  4. Where you are based? Best regards trace
  5. Thanks again for your review and best regards trace
  6. Hello Chaos, thank you very much for the nice pictures and your positive review. As you already mentioned it due to the support structure the roughness on the backside is unavoidable. Thanks again and if you have any further questions or constructable feedback send me a PM or post it. Or maybe a wish for coming releases? Do you like the metal shine material? Best regards trace
  7. @BIG10 at the moment I am hard at work, so I havent got the time to do some other things. I print those in my spare time and its not my major Job. We want to bring our hobby with rigid long lasting addons further ahead. Therefore we spend lots of time developing, testing and printing. So I ask you for patience for the pictures you are requesting. Maybe the first pair which are on the way to the US will be posted as earlier as I could do. Thank you and Best regards trace
  8. Hello WWII P-47 P-51 DOGFIGHT FRIENDs, we released now the final Version of the P-51 Pedal and its again indestructable. What do you think about it? real pics no render
  9. NOW I finished the needed left side pedals to get the pairs ready to rumble.......
  10. Every Pilot who gives us the order to print receives a mounting Instruction for the 2screws to be fasten. Best regards trace
  11. ITS FUN TIME AGAIN EXTREME SHEAR FORCE on F-16 Pedal 110kg /242LBS DO YOU WOULD TRUST IT? DO I CRASH OR FLY WITH IT? Time for fun.mp4 I trust my Buddy rel4y
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