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  1. I don't like the idea of compressed PCVR over a cable. I'd accept the loss for a robust wireless solution, but not a cable. Don't like the FB stuff either. I have an account, but I don't want it linked to anything. I just use it for messenger basically, and all my info on there is fake.
  2. Unused memory is wasted memory. You'll see the same if you pay attention to Windows memory and usage and go from 16GB to 32GB. With the same usage pattern, you will see a rise in memory usage because the OS will simply keep things around in memory longer. When we have maps that take 20+ GB, you can see how the theoretical limit for how much ram you "need" is very high if you never want to swap things in and out of memory.
  3. You can OC your 6700k to 4.6 easily. Then you're only about 400 Mhz away from the single core performance of a top of the line Intel CPU considering IPC hasn't really increased since Skylake. I don't see any compelling reason to upgrade from my 6700k for that reason.
  4. One odd thing I noticed is the draw distance doesn't seem to scale the same as for the other maps. Medium in Syria is like Low for Caucasus. Could see the buildings growing in front of me just a few hundred feet away. Also the tree slider doesn't do anything. After moving up to high I got similar performance to Persian Gulf. Able to maintain 40 fps except when near the ground near densely populated areas.
  5. Dude, buy some cloud storage NOW. Even backing up to another hard drive is not good enough, like if you have a fire, for example, unless you store it at another physical location.
  6. Did you set your INS mode to Nav, and INS operation to Normal after alignment?
  7. No MSAA will always give better performance, so turn it off completely if you want best FPS. Bloom is a lighting effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloom_(shader_effect) As it's an extra effect, turning it off can only help performance.
  8. FYI, VR pre-rendered frames introduces more input latency as you increase the number.
  9. MSAA mask is probably the same feature as in Kegetys' VR mod. It only performs MSAA on a circle in front of you whose radius is determined by the mask size. That way you don't bother applying anti-aliasing to the edges of your vision where you can't notice it anyways. edit: I haven't tried the new update yet, but if it's the same thing above it's easy to see for yourself. Set a small mask, like 0.3 or something, and if you look off-center, you should see how the aliasing gets visibly worse past a certain boundary.
  10. Wow, poll nearly unanimously says what we've all been saying: sell the throttle separately! I'm sure you make a fine joystick but many have already invested a lot in their existing sticks. Whereas I don't think anyone else makes such a throttle anywhere near your price point. And VKB is supposedly coming out with something this year (although cheaper) so now would be the time to beat them to the punch.
  11. Yes, but you don't get true axis control. If you hold the brake button and the rudders are neutral, the virtual axis will slowly increase in input, which gives you a kind of pseudo-axis: longer you hold the button, the greater the brake strength. Then if you move the rudders while holding the button, you get a true axis for each individual brake.
  12. Nope, mysterious as usual. At least we got some kind of date.
  13. They don't really monitor this forum very much, clearly. Make a ticket with them on their site.
  14. This guy makes a 3d printed part for the tailpiece: https://www.shapeways.com/product/QN3NBF786/suncom-to-thrustmaster-joystick-tailpiece He also designed a replacement PCB for it: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3069942&postcount=428
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