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  1. The water in the videos looks pretty much like what we have in game. The differences seem to be in the lighting and camera angles.
  2. rayrayblues

    Rain fix

    It doesn't seem to work for me. Plenty of rain on the cockpit, but none from external views. I installed the mod in the main game folder as instructed, but no change. Have I done something wrong?
  3. It doesn't seem to work for me. Plenty of rain on the cockpit, but none from external views. I installed the mod in the main game folder as instructed, but no change. Have I done something wrong?
  4. Me too. I have mobility issues and the rocker on the throttle works very well for me. I have the TM HOTAS X and the rocker gives me the very precise control that my feet could not. If you are on a budget, HOTAS's like these can be an affordable option.
  5. I encountered this when using the "Center Stick" option in rudder trim. Use default instead.
  6. @upyr1They have done away with the db_countries script altogether. No more Sea King.
  7. @YoYoAll it does is switch channels for you so you don't have to "take your eyes off the road" to flip switches and turn dials. Simply select the ATC you wish to talk to and you are there. It allows me to concentrate more on actually flying when I plan on multiple destinations. Right now I can't get voice response on any channel or intercom whether set manually or not. Easy comms isn't the issue. What is going on?
  8. @YoYoOkay, so what about us who prefer to use easy comms? How do we get the radio to work? I have programmed in all the necessary channels. How do we get the radio to work? I am also using hot start, shouldn't the radio be ready to go as it is in other modules??
  9. The ground crew is also bugged. You can ask for "rearm/refuel, the word copy appears on the screen, but there is no audio response., Same for repair.
  10. Great demo vid. This pilot knows his shiznitz.
  11. I feel you. I too was intimidated by the ME when I first started until I watched a few You Tube videos. Believe me, It's not as complicated as it looks. I jumped in feet first and made my share of mistakes, but I found the ME to be rather intuitive so I kept at it. It didn't take long to learn the basics. Now I don't know any other way to play. As soon as the game opens, it's the first button I click. Don't be shy, just give it a try, it won't bite.
  12. I read somewhere that they are going to introduce at least a vibration or some shaking when exiting ETL, similar to the Mi-8 or Huey. Right now there is no way to tell when ETL ends and VRS starts until you are falling, usually too late to recover. There's no warning, it just drops.
  13. I would kill for 75 -97 FPS.......
  14. Ditto..... Especially loving the shorelines. So much nicer than any other map so far.
  15. Make small adjustments to level out, Press trim after each adjustment. Do not press reset unless things go screwy and you have to start over. GL&HF
  16. @LurkerYou are right. Even with all of the stuff I've posted above, it still acts weird from time to time. Every once in a while the yaw goes all the way left and you spin, even with the AP on.
  17. It will IF you use the rudder trimmer, other wise all you have for trims is pitch and roll. If you don't want to use the rudder trimmer then you are making it harder on yourself. You have to stay on the pedals constantly. The AP will jerk when you cancel it because your trimmer isn't there to help. Pressing trim button to adjust rudder or roll will not affect the cyclic. You can make numerous adjustments to the trims one at a time. No need to use the reset button unless you need to. With all three trimmers on you can make fine adjustments as you go pressing the trim button each time. With rudder trimmer on, adjust your pedals and press trim. It will not affect the cyclic.
  18. If you think they're bad, try the F-86. Are you using elevator trim?
  19. Microsoft took it down on Monday. No longer available.
  20. @Clogger Mine are spring centered. I use "rudder trim" to center the sideslip ball, then I engage the Yaw AP. The physical pedals return to center and the virtual pedals stay where I set them. To disengage the AP, I can just start from pedals centered without any problem because the yaw is still holding with the "rudder trim." There is no need to disengage the AP unless you enter combat where you have to make fast maneuvers. You should then release AP and all other trims as well. Reapply trims as necessary. After the battle and you are RTB, trim pitch, roll and yaw to nominal, then engage the Yaw AP for a smooth fight home. Make sure to apply Yaw AP when landing, or you will spin out of control when exiting ETL. In short: set trim first then AP, to exit, turn AP off first then trim as needed. The one issue I do have though is engaging the trim button. I center my ball and level my vertical rate to 0. When I hit the trim button, my ship goes into a 10 degree dive. I then have to pull back on the stick to level off again. I might even have to do it 2 or 3 times before it finally levels off. This is a known bug and they are supposed to be working on it.
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