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  1. I haven't seen that yet, IDK if this is related, but sometimes my fleets will not even start. They just sit there going nowhere.
  2. @BIGNEWY @Flappie Here is the other track with the F-18's hopping up and down. They start hopping as soon as I take off from Sharjah, approx 20 minutes in. Crazy Wingmen.trk Here is another good one. Notice again, they start going crazy as soon as I lower my gear. F-86 Crazy Wings.trk
  3. @BIGNEWY @Flappie This seems to mostly affect jets. I ran several different planes with all the same parameters and the warbirds performed much better. I tried to make the video as short as possible and got it down to 5:51. I have also attached all of the tracks from which I made the video. They are about 5-6 mins. each. Su-33 Wingmen.trk F-18 Wingmen 3.trk F-86 Wingmen 3.trk P-47 Wingmen.trk P-51 Wingmen.trk
  4. Open Game, select training, select Su-33. There are several tutorials there.
  5. Also, that goofy looking bow wave from ships is gone. Now, just a wee bit more foam in the wake and it will be perfect.
  6. OMG Dude, this is awesome. I read just a small part of this and it's starting to make sense.
  7. Okay, how do I change wind speed and direction? Where are the new cloud settings? How do I change those? How can I go back to the old static weather? Like I said earlier, somebody needs to make a tutorial and soon. I have older missions that I want to change and all those numbers and settings are Greek to me.
  8. Okay thanks. I was hoping that I could use the UN unit to rescue a downed pilot or something like that. I guess I misunderstood what MP means. Like I said I don't do PVP and only fly by myself. BTW, there doesn't seem to be a way to pick up a downed pilot. I land next to him, but there is no radio command to get him onboard like you can with embarking troops. He just keeps standing there like a dummy.
  9. Sorry to keep bugging you, but I thought multiplayer meant PVP. I don't do PVP. I only play SP. I made you a short video describing what I am talking about. It is only 1 min 20 seconds long. Thank you for your patience. https://youtu.be/Epm4jdm5c6E
  10. It's actually .\DCS_Updater.exe update@openbeta. You must use dot/backslash in front of DCS.
  11. Looks pretty complicated to me. Can someone please make a tutorial. All those numbers make me dizzy.
  12. I am in single player and I can't access the neutral vehicle whenever there is other units on the map.
  13. @BIGNEWY @Flappie I found out that Neutral is not a coalition. I can't fly a UN vehicle in a mission. The UN vehicle can only fly if it is the only vehicle on the map. Is there any way I can fly a UN vehicle in a mission with other red and blue units?
  14. @Shadow KT I always use custom names for each individual unit. The group name stays the same. I just type in the unit name.
  15. Must be very subtle. I didn't feel a thing. Is there a setting somewhere?
  16. Hmmmm...I am usually at 1.3-1.4. Maybe my monitor is too bright? It could be my eyes too. I recently had cataract surgery and now everything is too bright.
  17. @Stearmandriver Cool man, thanx a lot. I'll give it a go. Are there slots for helicopters, warbirds, or just jets?
  18. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, but I don't know how to install or use it. Do I need moose or mist, I have both? Where do I install it? Thanx in advance, Ray
  19. @Airwolf-CAVU I am one of the new kids on the block. I just joined in Feb. 2019, so less than two years. I am not the type that follows someone else's plans. Don't get me wrong, the campaigns are excellent. It's just not my cup of tea. I only play SP for now. I am still suffering PTSD from 6 years in War Thunder. MP is going to have to wait for a while. Just in the short time that I have been here, ED has made some awesome improvements to the mission editor and introduced some great new modules and maps that have run up my credit card balance a lot, but I love it. As @Pikey said above: "You buy the plane, not a story. If you want a story, you buy the DLC missions. DCS World created a Mission Editor for people to make their own missions and stories and fill the sandbox as desired. The point of my saying this is not to tell you you cannot enjoy something the way you want to, only that you miss out on so much by not looking at DCS as a sandbox." There is so much more to DCS than just the "stories". Stories are great, but I prefer to create my own. That's just me. If you don't or can't take the time to create your own that's totally cool. I just hate to see you miss out on so much more than just the pre- made campaigns and missions. ED has made some new missions and campaigns that I hear are just awesome. Maybe I'll take a break and try them out, but I'm having too much fun with the ME. I spend most of my time flying helicopters and am currently in love with the new Mi-24P and I am holding my breath (and wallet) for the Apache. I live near Mesa Arizona where they were made and used to hang out near the factory hoping to get a glimpse of them on a test flight. Everyone has their own preferences and I want to sum up by saying welcome back to DCS. Take advantage of the two week free trials. Good luck with your choices.
  20. FWIW, I now have 5 choppers with UN livery that are coalition neutral. I am a happy camper.
  21. I don't know. All I did was add UN to the countries. Good question.
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