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  1. If you turn it off in the beginning, it will remain off for the duration of the mission. No need for anything else.
  2. I don't think you can just install the one plane. You probably have to install the whole package whether you want to or not.
  3. I have only the AI pack installed. I have found 2 small bugs. Bug # 1 - When using "Random Air Traffic (RAT) scripts, the three Axis planes do not spawn. All of the Allied planes in the package are working as normal. Here is the script that I am using. It is a basic script that works for everything from helicopters to jet airliners: This one is for Redfor which will ignore blue and neutral airfields. For Blufor, simply change "SetCoalitionAircraft" to blue and they will ignore red and neutral fields. The Axis planes in your pack do not respond to this script the ones in the game do . The Allied planes in your pack work as expected. "Bombers now behave more realistically and more like fighters, with a speed closer to reality and they now have defensive rear shots." Bug #2 - The Axis planes when used as normal, do not shoot back. I can tailgate them on their 6 all day and nothing happens. Other features such as "Big Formation", carpet bomb and dive bombing tasks work just fine. It's only the defensive gunners that are not operating. Thanks in advance, Ray
  4. @Flappie So, any more word on the 21H1 update? Is it safe to install, or is there still an issue with crashing?
  5. Thanks Rudel, but you're just a few minutes too late. I found it myself about 15 mins. ago. Installing now.
  6. @Jason210There used to be a user mod, but now it looks like this. Now that's what I call a box formation. Even the bombs work. If only someone could add a 3D model??? Next I would like a Stuka to go with BOB. PM me for the link.
  7. @silverdevilI now have two M2 drives for all of my games. A 500 Gb 970 EVO with XPlane, Rise of Flight, Heliborne, War Thunder and WT Dev server. Together they add up to 107 Gb. I just coughed up $130.00 for a 1TB 980 EVO just for DCS. I have both 2.5.6 and 2.7.1 on it so far and together they add up to 373 Gb with plenty of room for the next OB. My OS is on an 860 EVO SATA SSD.
  8. Something tells me it's also gonna be included with the basic game. Everybody gets it whether they like it or not. Just like Caucasus is now. EVERYBODY.....make room on your drives now! It's right around the corner which probably explains why, besides 2.7.1 going stable, there wasn't an update this week.
  9. I'm trying to figure out why you didn't make a video of how it is now. That would help us to understand what the problem is.
  10. A SATA SSD is essential. Do it! Don't for get that the Marianna's Map is coming soon. It will be a free map so I expect that there's not going to be an option to not install it. It will be a very large file, so everyone needs to be ready with plenty of drive space.
  11. If you have an extra PCIe slot, you can buy an adapter for cheap. Amazon.com: M.2 NVME to PCIe 3.0 x4 Adapter with Aluminum Heatsink Solution: Computers & Accessories You can then transfer from one M2 to another and when you're done, you can still use it for whatever you like.
  12. I once dropped a bomb too low and blew off my cowling AND prop. I made it all the way back to the AF, landed and repaired with no prop at all.
  13. Mine too. I do have both OB and Stable versions. Including all of my modules and mods, my Stable is 165 Gb and my OB is 175 Gb. With an additional 32 Gb page file I am just under 400 Gb total with nothing else on this drive out of 931 available. So.....almost half full. My game used to be on a 500 Gb SSD with a few other games, but finally had to bite the bullet and buy a 1 Tb drive. It was $130.00 USD, ouch! It's worth it though. All other games are now on the other drive. There were cheaper options, but I didn't recognize the brand names. I trust Samsung and I'm willing to pay the extra 30 bucks for the latest NvME M.2 980 EVO.
  14. Hmmm, good question. I'll have to check that.
  15. ^This^ It will be interesting to see how they pull it of.
  16. Increase your page file to 32,768. That will give you 32 Gb of virtual memory. As soon as you can, you must get an SSD. I know they are about $65.00 US Dollars, but it will be the best 65 bucks you ever spent. SAMSUNG 870 EVO Series 2.5" 500GB SATA III V-NAND SSD - Newegg.com You won't regret it. DCS is expanding and must be on an SSD. HDD's are just not fast enough. It's the single most effective way to speed up your computer. Keep in touch.
  17. Yeah, you are a bit under min specs. Do you have MSI Afterburner OC software for GPU's? You can download it here: Afterburner | MSI Global - The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation You can probably squeeze a little more out of your card. How about your virtual memory? I would bump it up to 32,768 at least. Is your drive almost full? Are you using an SSD or a HDD? I know I'm asking a lot of questions but these details matter especially on a lightweight rig.
  18. I get fewer stutters now with these settings. Everybody's rig is different. What are your specs?
  19. @Northstar98 I have posted my settings above and now here is my result. I don't have a very powerful machine, a 4.7 CPU with 32 Gb DDR3 RAM and a 1660Ti GPU. Full specs in my sig.
  20. @Northstar98 Stand by. I'm making a vid for you. BTW my NCP settings are:
  21. @Northstar98 Below are all of my settings. Clouds at Scattered 4, location W-NW of Novorossiysk. I must emphasize that I mostly fly helos and my focus is on the ground not the sky. For me the sky is background until yesterday when I noticed some beautiful reflections in the water. Beautiful Reflections - DCS World 2.7 - ED Forums (eagle.ru) I'm not saying that the clouds didn't jitter, I'm saying that I probably didn't notice if they did since I'm mostly at only 2000 ft. or less. Try my settings and get back to me. Let me know how you did.
  22. All I can say is that performance (at least in my case) has improved even though nothing was said in the changelog. I do not have VR and my experience in 2D has been that the jittering clouds are barely noticeable, even less now after yesterday's patch. I am getting shimmers and jitters along shorelines though, which for me, are far more annoying than the cloud jitters. I rarely fly that high, I fly mostly in helos. What I have noticed about games in general is "Ninja Fixes". The devs often fix things quietly without announcing what they are doing. There may even be proprietary issues involved that due to an NDA they can't reveal and therefore "Ninja Fixes" are the way to go. Over all, the 20/05/21 patch is much better over all than when 2.7.0 came out on 14/04/21. They obviously did something even if they didn't mention it. Keep up the good work ED.
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