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  1. You might want to check your monitor settings. I had to dial mine back because to me the colors were too intense. Almost cartoonish, especially the greens. Now they are just right. Have you flown over it in a helicopter? The cities and towns are quite detailed, also they have added a lot of new things to the airfields, like hangars, vehicles, etc and now they don't look so barren. You can also add static vehicles and planes to further spruce things up. The hedgerows along roads and train tracks make for some interesting shooting solutions of vehicles and trains. Personally I like it.
  2. I've been wondering that for years. So many good YT vids. How do they do it? As @Rhino1980 said above; "without blowing his God damned brains out from frustration."
  3. Nice! Working now. Thanks for all of your help. You guys are awesome.
  4. Thanks guys, I will give it a try as soon as I'm done cooking. Don't want to burn anything.
  5. @Tanuki44 I'll give it a try, although, as I mentioned above, I don't have an "Eagle Dynamics" folder, just (G:)DCS.OpenBeta Where do I install OvGME?
  6. Thanks anyway. I don't have any "Program Files" or even an Eagle Dynamics folder on either drive, just what you see on the picture I sent. If I open it I get this:
  7. @Rudel_chw No error, just doesn't show in ME. It's like it's just not there. Question: where exactly should I install JSGME? In the main folder? I tried that already and it still didn't work.
  8. Thanks Rudel, but I don't have that folder on my C Drive. My DCS is on a dedicated drive. DCS World (G:)\DCS.OpenBeta What do I do from here? P.S. I have had the P-51 D for ages.
  9. I would like to see more development in the Korean and Vietnamese eras. These are the "Helicopter Wars." The Helo came of age in the Korean conflict used mostly as transport and ambulances, with such beauty's as Piaseki H-21 "flying Banana" Sikorsky H-34 and H-51, and don't forget the venerable Bell-47. For Vietnam, we have the Huey of course, but we really need the early Cobra and Chinook, both H-46 and 47 to round out the list. Any early model or cold war era Blackhawk would also be most welcome.
  10. What we really need is fuze delay on warbirds. We don't really have any planes that are designed for dive bombing and therefore, a low pass to drop bombs more accurately always results in blowing yourself up as well.
  11. @Patrick56 Either I'm doing something wrong, or JSGME doesn't work. I am new to JSGME. I have never used it before. All of my other AI and flyable mods work just fine in Saved Games\DCS.Open beta\Mods\Aircraft. I cannot get any of your flyable mods to work. Is there a way to install them directly without using JSGME? The AI's are working okay in Saved Games. Loving the He-111. I have watched several YT videos on how to install JSGME and read several articles as well. No joy. Can someone help me please?
  12. A more manageable merger would be Normandy and The Channel, but again, they are made by two different companies and not likely to happen.
  13. HaHa...good one. I'm not trying to land "in formation," I'm simply trying to land after a mission. I will try the RTB command, but I think I have already.
  14. @BIGNEWY From the changelog, 18/11/2021 "Fighter AI. Adjusted the formation mechanism to prevent fighters from making large and abrupt maneuvers when reforming." Sorry to keep bugging you about this, but it's not fixed yet. A brief word: they will stay in formation all the way to the battle, separate to attack targets and then reform, stay in formation all the way back, and only go crazy when on landing approach. In this and the other tracks that I sent, they start to fall apart after the break turn. Thanks for your patience. Ray F-86 Fighter Vic.trk
  15. NVM..DUH, It was my ham-handed attempt to modify a Mod. You can close it now.
  16. @BIGNEWY This is an old bug returned. When loading mission, the game freezes at the same place every time. Terrain Graphics init : 96. "name of map" .ng5 EDIT, Additional thoughts: I left it for 20 minutes and had to end task to close. I have already done a cleanup and repair with no result. Do you think I should do the fresh Saved Games trick? Thanks in advance, Ray
  17. Maybe it's just me, (I'm getting old) but even at 100%, it's so subtle that I can barely feel it. I wish it was more like the Hip.
  18. I've had SC since pre-order. I just don't see HB and ED coming together like that. I do agree that all Carriers should be free and the deck crew should be a separate DLC. Other than the deck crew and comms, I don't see much difference between the SC and Vanilla modules except for some cosmetics. (looking at you, Adm. Kuz.) However, like you said, ED doesn't see things the way we do. Neither does any other game I've seen.
  19. No S**T I have been here less than 2 years and I can only imagine how many missions' others have that been here much longer than I. Draconus said: "If they ever change it they can do it so that missions don't have to be changed. That's the obvious choice and no coding effort." I wouldn't count on that. It's probably why they won't change it. I kinda' like it the way it is. Set the ship's waypoint direction, then set the wind going the other way. Easy Peasy.
  20. I suppose then that we will never see deck crews since that is an ED product.
  21. When I get to VNE I get RBS, no shaking. Just a gradual tilt to the right. I was hoping that the new shaking would be like the Mi-8, at very low speed in order to know when you are about to enter VRS. Currently, when I enter a hover, if I'm not very careful, I'll drop out of the sky.
  22. @PravusJSB @Flappie @BIGNEWY IDK if he is playing MP or SP, but the tracks presented here are from SP. That's all I ever play. After spawning in cold on a CVN, I slide off the bow within 6 minutes. Track "Burke 1" shows me sliding into the superstructure of the Arleigh Burke after landing and turning engine off. It seems natural that the motion of the boat coupled with the rotor turning will make a Huey slide around. I believe that IRL there is probably a deck crew that ties or clamps the skids down as soon as it lands. Maybe we could have a command similar to the wheel chocks on the Hornet. CVN Slide Off.trk Burke 1.trk
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