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  1. @Stearmandriver Cool man, thanx a lot. I'll give it a go. Are there slots for helicopters, warbirds, or just jets?
  2. I downloaded it a few weeks ago, but I don't know how to install or use it. Do I need moose or mist, I have both? Where do I install it? Thanx in advance, Ray
  3. @Airwolf-CAVU I am one of the new kids on the block. I just joined in Feb. 2019, so less than two years. I am not the type that follows someone else's plans. Don't get me wrong, the campaigns are excellent. It's just not my cup of tea. I only play SP for now. I am still suffering PTSD from 6 years in War Thunder. MP is going to have to wait for a while. Just in the short time that I have been here, ED has made some awesome improvements to the mission editor and introduced some great new modules and maps that have run up my credit card balance a lot, but I love it. As @Pikey said above: "You buy the plane, not a story. If you want a story, you buy the DLC missions. DCS World created a Mission Editor for people to make their own missions and stories and fill the sandbox as desired. The point of my saying this is not to tell you you cannot enjoy something the way you want to, only that you miss out on so much by not looking at DCS as a sandbox." There is so much more to DCS than just the "stories". Stories are great, but I prefer to create my own. That's just me. If you don't or can't take the time to create your own that's totally cool. I just hate to see you miss out on so much more than just the pre- made campaigns and missions. ED has made some new missions and campaigns that I hear are just awesome. Maybe I'll take a break and try them out, but I'm having too much fun with the ME. I spend most of my time flying helicopters and am currently in love with the new Mi-24P and I am holding my breath (and wallet) for the Apache. I live near Mesa Arizona where they were made and used to hang out near the factory hoping to get a glimpse of them on a test flight. Everyone has their own preferences and I want to sum up by saying welcome back to DCS. Take advantage of the two week free trials. Good luck with your choices.
  4. FWIW, I now have 5 choppers with UN livery that are coalition neutral. I am a happy camper.
  5. I don't know. All I did was add UN to the countries. Good question.
  6. Boy do I feel stupid. The reason it was only working with the Hind is because I had already added UN to the description.lua as per @cfrag instructions above, DUH.... I have since done the same for the Huey and the Hip and here is the result. Mi-24 countries = {"UKR","GRG","RUS","UN",} Mi-8 countries = {"RUS","UN",} UH-1H countries = {"USA","UN",} Notice the correct Russian UN liveries. @BIGNEWY @Flappie @NineLine Would it be possible for the devs to make these small additions permanent in the next update? DCSOpenBeta/Bazar/Liveries/"name of unit"/United Nations/description.lua It took me less than 5 minutes and I'm not a coder. This way we wouldn't have to re-do the codes after every update/repair
  7. There is a simple answer. Nothing to fix. It's built in to the ME. Click on my response.
  8. @BIGNEWY @NineLine @Flappie Because the source files will reset themselves with every update or repair and you will have to do it over every time. My Daddy always used to say: "work smarter, not harder." There is nothing to fix. The procedure is already built into the ME: 1. Click the COMBAT button in the ME, upper right corner to see ALL countries. 2. Select "UNITED NATIONS PEACEKEEPERS" as your country. It will paint on the UN skin and, Nobody on either side will shoot at you. GL & HF EDIT: I just found out that It only works works with the Hind. You can make other helos UN neutral, but only The Hind gets the UN skin.
  9. ^This^ Ukraine is or should be a friendly country. No need to go fooling around with the code.
  10. @Sotka There is a global setting for languages, but I don't know if it works for campaigns. Might be worth a try though. Let me know what happens, I'm curious. DCS.OpenBeta/scripts/speech/common, lines 2718 thru 2749 local language = { RUS = 'RUS', ENG = 'ENG', GER = 'GER', FR = 'FR', SPA ='SPA', CHN ='CHN',--by uboats local defaultLanguage = language.ENG local languageByCountry = { [base.country.id.RUSSIA] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.UKRAINE] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.BELARUS] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.USA] = language.ENG, [base.country.id.UK] = language.ENG, [base.country.id.GERMANY] = language.GER, [base.country.id.FRANCE] = language.FR, [base.country.id.SPAIN] = language.SPA, [base.country.id.INSURGENTS] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.ABKHAZIA] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.SOUTH_OSETIA] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.ITALY] = language.ENG, [base.country.id.AUSTRALIA] = language.ENG, [base.country.id.SWITZERLAND] = language.GER, [base.country.id.CHINA] = language.CHN,--by uboats [base.country.id.THIRDREICH] = language.GER, [base.country.id.YUGOSLAVIA] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.USSR] = language.RUS, [base.country.id.KAZAKHSTAN] = language.RUS, }
  11. IRL, pilots are not allowed on the elevators. Shortly before the pilot is ready to fly, the tug will push his plane on to the elevator and bring it up to the flight deck where he can then board his plane and take off. On landing, the pilot exits his plane on the flight deck and then the tug takes it back to the elevator and down to the hangar. I too thought that it would be cool to ride up and down, only to find out that I can't. Bummer. When I heard that ED was going to improve elevator function, that's what I thought would happen. What I would like to see is a pushback mechanism for parking on deck. If even just a KB binding to park your aircraft correctly. Animated tugs and marshals directing traffic would be icing on the cake.
  12. @Stratos A worn out stick is a challenge for any one, X52 or otherwise. I find the Huey is harder to learn. The Hind has a good AP if you know how to use it. I mostly fly hands off just using the trim hat for attitude corrections. GL/HF
  13. I apologize. I didn't mean to come across like I was "telling you what to do." I was just suggesting that a 10 yr old could learn to fly the Hind. Of all the helos in the game, it is the most stable with proper trimming. I am an old man who got into gaming only within the last 10 or 12 years. I now have a 10 yr old great grandson who can play rings around me. Don't underestimate what kids can do with today's modern tech. You are right. Perhaps I should have used examples that ED is actually working on, like the WWII version of Marianas and associated assets. If the F4U was released today, we wouldn't have any comparable opponents or a proper place to fly it.
  14. Ten is not too young to learn. Even in War Thunder you have to use mouse and keyboard for simple FM. and that's a good thing. If they were to make 2 versions of FM's for each module, it would take forever for new stuff to come out. They are a small dev team after all. I have been waiting years for the Corsair and currently they are working on the Apache, so it looks like I'm going to have to wait a while longer.
  15. First of all, train view is LCtrl+F12. Trains are not 100% just yet. There are a few of my older missions (before the most recent changes) where the trains don't show, but if I restart the game they come right back. It doesn't happen every time. Restarting the client seems to allow them to load. It only happens with older missions. Newer missions load just fine, at least for me.
  16. The SKP-11 is for communications. Re-arm and repair are handled by the Ural 4320.
  17. I kinda' thought so. There have been times when I have used the same FARP over and over again thinking, "gee these trucks sure hold a lot of stuff". Thank you Sir,
  18. I use a lot of invisible FARPS for both Redfor and Bluefor coalitions using recommended mobile service vehicles. ex: Bluefor Redfor ATC - M1025 HMMWV-1 ATC - SKP-11 Fuel - M978 HEMTT Fuel - ATZ-10 Reload - M939 Heavy Reload - Ural-4320-31 My question is, How many reloads, refuels, repairs can I get for each truck? I typically fly Huey's, Hinds, and Hips.
  19. Anyone know how to get the He-111 to shoot at you? The gunners seem to be asleep.
  20. Excellent. Outstanding for a first try. Great editing. Looks like you may have a future in this.
  21. I tried. What you don't understand is that you are asking only part of the question. You haven't given anything other than other planes do it. I have asked three times now about other settings for the same function. It doesn't matter what other planes do or do not do. Can you at least provide a track or a video, or a log file? As @Flappie always says, "Track or it didn't happen."
  22. Yes it is. we're not talking about the Anton or Bf. They're irrelevant. Sooooo.....is it broken at other skill settings? Will it perform or not? If it does or doesn't then it will determine what the bug may or may not be.
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