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    My vote would be for the Yak 9-T with the 37mm cannon. Good A to A weapon. The K variant with the 45mm is too nose heavy and not as accurate. The problem with Cold War assets is that the Cold War was just that, Cold. Aside from a hand full of skirmishes over a ~30 year period, there wasn't much shooting going on. Development continued more on a perceived threat than on actual combat. Remember what the C in DCS stands for. The Korean War would be the logical next step to for DCS to develop, after Pacific Theatre, in which case I would advocate fo
  2. It's been 2 updates ago that BigNewy said this and it hasn't been fixed externally yet. Still waiting.......
  3. Well IDK about that. Just 2 updates ago I have several missions that are already broken. They won't open at all. The loading screen gets stuck at Terrain Graphics Init:97, name of map.ng5. So far it happens on PG and Channel. Other missions open just fine.
  4. I am not too keen on a lot of specific history, so would like to know where the Bf-109 F4 fits in. I believe it was mid war. Does it fit in with the above scenario/discussions? I used to fly it a lot in another "cough, cough" sim/game.
  5. OK, looks like you need a fresh install. The installer should prompt you for a destination location. Make sure your new drive has a drive letter. You can do that in windows disc management. Then just direct the installer to go there. Let me know how you do. Have you tried to repair the present install?
  6. I don't understand. If you are running out of room on your C drive then moving it is what you need to do. ^THIS^ Simply copy (Not Cut) and paste the entire DCS World folder to the new drive. Do not try to move the C/Users/your name/saved games folder. Just the main game folder in C/Program files. The easy way to change the launcher is to open DCS World/bin, right click on DCS.exe and send to desktop. After you are done, go back to C/Program files and delete to original folder. You should now have over 100Gb of free space on your HD. GL&HF
  7. Even if they do fix it, rewind will not be available. A proper replay system would recreate the mission exactly using commands stored on your computer and on their server. It is not a video file so rewind is out of the question. It would be like trying to play the game backwards. Can't be done.
  8. @Northstar98 The back porch is over the beach so we can place units there at least, but it sees the front as water. Too bad statics don't shoot. I tried to land a helicopter on the front. I broke the rotor as I was too close to the wall, but it's solid enough to land/crash on.
  9. Yeah, it's static. I misunderstood your post I guess. You're right, I can't place a ground unit without a popup that says, "Place ground vehicles on the land." I see what you mean by the fort. It sticks out into the water. You can place units on the beach and it looks like there's room on the back porch. It may be a good place for AAA or Flack guns also.
  10. I was able to place a Ural firetruck on the Kuznetsov, but it disappears sometimes depending on camera angle. Static units for this ship are sorely lacking.
  11. I can do this as well. I will often leave the game paused all day if I need to, however, that doesn't address the OP's main issue concerning campaigns, which is: you get half way (or more) through the mission and either crash or get shot. You have to start from the beginning to get back to that point in the mission and try again. It's never 5 or 10 minutes in, it's always at least 1/2 hour. I understand his frustration and I too have given up playing campaigns for that reason. HaHa, I was going to say something about that. I see you have matured a bit in
  12. Exactly. I am having a great time. There are many other more relevant things that need to be fixed. I would rather see high quality AI units, or more WW2 assets like German bombers. We could also use WW2 era ships and ground units. It's hard to create a proper era specific mission without these assets. Very true. The bottom line is what counts. Absolutely true. Some people just don't seem to appreciate the work involved in creating what we have now. The man hours of development and testing is staggering consideri
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