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  1. I love the new forum engine but, there is one little bug that is annoying. When I click on a topic, it opens to the last post instead of the first one. I have to scroll to the top of the page or in the case of many pages, I have to manually go to the first page in order to read from the beginning. Is this deliberate?
  2. Very well said. The Marianas map is due to come out soon along with (so I've been told) the F4U Corsair. What is desperately needed is WWll carriers like the Yorktown or Enterprise and associated aircraft. F4F, F6F, etc. Of course then we would also need Japanese assets: A6M, Ki43, etc. not to mention Japanese carriers. Gotta have targets to shoot at. Bottom line: All of this makes for good discussion, but a hell of a lot of work for a small dev team. They are doing a great job. It's just going to take a lot of time and hard work. Thank
  3. I like using trains and would really appreciate being able to see them, like all other ground units on F10 map and F7 view. How difficult would it be to implement this?
  4. Ditto that!! Please BaD CrC, if you know where we can get the script and mod, please share. It is almost impossible to do a water landing. It needs to be modeled better. Hell, even War Thunder models water ditching. Surely DCS can do better. I made a vid a few months ago detailing how to use the SAR script from FunkyFranky at Github. During the rescue part, I commented on how cool it would be to have the pilot be in a raft or just a lifejacket. (Mae West for you WWll fans) and animating the winch on the chopper. As it is now, the ejected pilot
  5. For NTTR you might like this one better. It's the ES44AH. It even has an American flag on the side.
  6. BTW. I've got multiple trains working on most of Normandy now. There are still a few places where I can't get them to spawn, but It's better now. I have one mission with 11 trains.
  7. If you're talking about the civil traffic trains on the map, you can't change them. All you can do is create your own trains using the ME and Locomotive CHME3T. You can simply add them to the map with or without civil traffic.
  8. It depends on the map. Caucasus is no problem Two trains in opposite directions on double tracks. Normandy will only spawn one train at a time, even on double tracks. When the train reaches the last waypoint it will back up to the first waypoint and then go forward again. See short video: The only rail tracks on Persian Gulf are for light rail, not trains. Apparently the Emirates don't have a railroad system, or maybe it's just not included in ED's map. I don't own Syria or The Channel so I can't comment on those. All I really want is for trains to show on the F10 map and F7 gro
  9. Currently, trains are working pretty good. I can place them where I like and they follow the waypoints as ordered however, I would like to be able to see them on the F10 map and F7 ground vehicle view. Is there any way to make this happen?
  10. The shaking you are experiencing is recoil. It tends to want to drop the nose. Start aiming/firing a little higher to compensate. Make sure you are not jerking the trigger. Just like a real gun, pull, don't jerk the trigger.
  11. Also, are you using 4K? The pixels are much smaller than 1080p making spotting more difficult.
  12. Exactly, if the tailwheel touches the ground first, a bounce is guaranteed. A slow 3 pointer is the way to go with all taildraggers.
  13. Try removing the two dashes in front of lines 4,5 and 6 That should eliminate the destination error. Let me know. local c130skins={"Oman Air Force"} local c130={} c130.outbound=RAT:New("RAT_C-130", "Hercules Traffic") -- c130.outbound:SetDeparture("Liwa Airbase") -- c130.outbound:SetDestination("Al Dhafra AB") -- c130.outbound:Livery(c130skins)
  14. 98 feet AGL is the altitude of the airport ASL; that's why you can't set it lower. Try using "Take Off From Parking" or "Parking Hot" and they will taxi out to the runway. :thumbup:
  15. Thank you for the new invisible helipad. I don't think this is a bug, but I tried to place one on the Burg Al Arab Hotel helipad and the entire hotel disappeared. :music_whistling: Not a nice thing to do with the world's only seven star hotel. :lol: ​
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