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  1. Did anyone figure this conflict out? I can confirm it stops when voiceattack is closed, but starts as soon as it's opened. I really like VAICOM, but it sucks that this issue will keep me out of the MiG-21bis cockpit. Thanks for the help to whomever may have cracked this particular nut.
  2. Hey Home Fries, as always thank you, big fan. Just to let you know the H1L and H1R to go between pilot and CP in the Mi8 are reversed. H1L sends you to the right seat and vice versa. Not a big deal just a bug report. I looked through the script trying to solve my own problem, but my Kung Fu isn't nearly strong enough. CTS is the best!
  3. Hi, Home Fries. The short of it is that the station dependent blister window controls in the Mi-8 are not working for me right now, don't know if I'm alone in this. But, my real goal is to continue learning the ins and outs of CTS. I'd really like to understand how the station mapping for the Mi-8 works. I can see the definitions for stn > 2 FE, stn == 2 Pilot, else CP, but I'm trying to find where the program gets the current station info and how it all ties in together, to attempt to my own problem. This may be super complex and beyond my grasp, but I'd love to learn. Thanks again,
  4. Hi Home Fries. This is my first post and I want to thank you! CTS is an amazing tool. I'm really grateful for the hard work. Just for your situational awareness, I don't know if it was just me or widespread, there was a typo on the FC3 profiles and I was getting the symbol not found error. Throttle was misspelled as Thottle. I opened the tmc and compiled, CTL-F search, corrected the typo and the error message went away. I also had an issue where the left warthog throttle was not registering, so I went into the scripts, found the axis assignments, and the script read along the lines of
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