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  1. Thanks for the answer redkite! looking forward to try the new feature.
  2. Hi redkite, nice video! an offtopic question, your hud information look "flourescent" while mine is very sharp. Is this a filter of the video or a feature?
  3. " perhaps expanding the Coup d'Etat one in Persian Gulf.. we'll see. " +1
  4. Thanks Hiob, it worked perfectly!
  5. Hello Guys, Just discovered this mod and I love it, works perfectly! but, FOV 100 is to much zoom for me (on the F14 for example) but when I edit the value on Snapviews, nothing change on the game. Tried several times and differents planes with no luck. I´m using facetracknoIr btw. Any idea what can be the cause? Thanks !
  6. Hi Guys, I own a X-52 and I´m using it without curves, cause in most of the planes, the afterburn match with the upper detent, wich is nice. But this also makes the throttle very sensitive, wich give me a really hard time for make the small adjustments needed on AA or flight "on speed". Do you use any special curves? Thanks!
  7. Thank you all for your comments, I´ll go for the hardware then!
  8. Hi Guys, I own many modules, but as a thank to ED for the amaizing 2.7 I would like to buy one more. Maybe your opinions can help me to decide which one: These are the ones I´m insterested: Syria: I have only 16GB of RAM, I guess I´m pretty tight to run it. Supercarrier: Not really into naval ops, but add inmersion and it´s needed for some campaignes. Warbirds: since I don´t have the WW2 maps and play SP mostly, I guess I´ll be short on thing to do. Mig 19 and Harrier: Interesting modules, but I read they are buggy or didn´t get much love latelly. Your feedback is much appreciated!
  9. Hi Guys, Having the same problem here. ALCM alligned. This is what I see when I choose APP (just testing, no waypoint or anything selected)
  10. It´s been months since this campaing was released, but is not available on Steam yet. I know this is out of Reflected hands and sometimes Steam users get the stuff a little later than the Stand alone version users, but is there a reason why this is not on Steam yet? Thanks!
  11. Thank you all for your opinions. I finally bought the map, the sale of this item on steam ends in 3 days, and the free trial is after that! I must say it is a good map, and in my opinion it runs smoother than Nevada. It also appears to be bigger map. It has many new missions for my planes, but only the mirage has a campaign?? Also, I only flew the f-18 briefly, but there are no charts on the kneeboard?
  12. Hi guys, I know this must have been asked a 100 times, but owning the NTTR map, is PG worth buying? I know PG has Carrier operation and NTTR not, but other than that, is there a difference between them that justify the purchase? Thank you for your answers!
  13. I bought the F-18 2 days ago on steam and took 45 secs to dowload. As Brun said, must be internet conection issues.
  14. Hi Wags, I would like to buy "hunters over the Yalu" campaing but is not available on steam. Will it be for the second part of the sale?
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