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  1. I have an issue in this mission with the wingman not responding at all. He will call out targets once on a while, notifies me when he is bingo and immediately RTB's or informs me when he ejects but when I ask him to join the party = silence. Wingman/flight coms menu us grayed out as if the frequency is wrong. Any ideas? Thanks !
  2. While I also have issues with my server crashing, your log files look like there might be a different issue as you have tons of scripting erros in Moose_Mission_MX_V30.lua Check if you have a crash log zip file which would include the crash dump as well. It might give me hints (in my case the flight.dll crashes out).
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm running a dedicated server with a rather heavy Syria campaign for our community. Pre 2.7 the server ran for weeks without any issue. Post 2.7 update I get the dreaded flight.dll crash consistently every 3-4 hours (looks like it happens only when clients are connected to the server). To rule out any additional modules, I ran a clean install of DCS after removing the old version and reconfigured everything from scratch. Only SRS Server is running with this installation. Note: the mission uses Moose as well as Mist scripting - no scripting errors are thrown (
  4. yes, tried that. no success. Will try and capture the problem in action and post again.
  5. Hi, I have this strange issue with the F-16 in Multiplayer (VR) when I equip a TGP and Mavericks. Request Rearm -> add TGP, Mavs etc -> Rearming complete -> power on TGP, Power on Mav. Wait for TGP to timeout -> - screen is black, slew will result in the Mav in Pre mode to slew (TGP is SOI) - point lock will display point in tgp but nothing is visible - TV/WHot/BHot can be changed via Hotas control but pressing the MFD button will not do anything (button is pressed, no option changes) - MFD standby button works - MFD FOV button does not work
  6. can confirm this issue in the current beta. Simply does not align with the actual position.
  7. I believe this is outdates as WMR does that automatically. I just tried to switch the motion smoothing to forced. Made a massive difference in switching between cockpit and map in VR. previously it took a second and sometimes it came even up with the "waiting DCS" logo. Now it switches instantaneously. Will try a bit more tomorrow. Hopefully this solves the issues I had (massive frame rate/.frame time drop after some time playing, accelerated by switching to F10 map often or upon respawn. Even after existing into the main menu the frame time remained bad and the main menu was stutter
  8. The work if you zoom in to the max level. i.e. select a unit and you see it's real coordinates at the bottom. zoom in on the unit to max level and the coordinates on top left match up (more or less). Zoom out and the diverge heavily.
  9. Thanks Thanks. I figured that when I zoom in as far as possible the bottom and top coordinates will merge. so looks like in VR the cursor is off when the map is zoomed out and only merges with the actual map coordinates at the highest zoom level
  10. Thanks. When you click on a red unity on the map you see the unit details and coordinates in the bottom left of the screen (unit box). These are the good ones. The cursor position on top left is of my hundreds if not thousands of meters (in Syria at least)
  11. Awesome work!! Is there a way this can be modified to take a screenshot of the map coordinates when vehicles are selected? See a massive miss match between the cursors coordinates and the actual vehicle coordinates when in the F10 Map view in VR. Result: The screenshot coordinates are off by hundreds of meters vs the actual vehicle position (Syria map) Thanks !
  12. Ohhhh this is soooo Awesome Thanks a ton for investing the time in making this (hope crazy developer who left that strange rant inside the manual is not disturbing you to much !!) I'm still learning all the features and work on some additions to integrate the script into my mission. If possible could I ask for a simple future feature addition (if you have a it on a github somewhere I would be happy to give it a go and contribute)? 1) It would be great if the CTLD menu could have an option to show in the F10 root instead of under DSMC. This makes it easier to find and
  13. Thanks. This makes a lot of sense now. So it changes it to contested if red lands a vehicle in the same session, which makes the airfield neutral (or 3 as you said) and will only fix that upon restart of the mission. From above it also looks like the check/update is only performed when troops/transport lands so assuming I have: 1) neutral base -> land a transport -> turns blue 2) same session -> red lands a transport -> red vehicle spawns -> turns contested/neutral 3) Air strike get's rid of the red guy 4) Status remains contested till next reboot
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