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  1. The white dot airplanes seems realistic but seeing white ground units makes spotting them unrealistic.
  2. I was definitely in range. Did you try this mission?
  3. I did some air to ground guns today on the instant action ground attack practice in Syria. The rounds are hitting way high for me in ccip. I turned off the radar to see if there was some issue with that and it didn’t help. I then went into the guns and rockets qualification in Caucasus and it worked perfectly. Anyone else having this issue? Is it me or is it something to do with the Syria map?
  4. I have the edge 540 so that has got to be it.
  5. Anyone else having issues using the encyclopedia on the menu screen? It won’t go beyond the loading screen for me. Just sits there loading...
  6. Related to this when you tell the wingmen to engage with rockets, they won’t comply. You have to tell them to engage with missiles, which is problematic if they still have Mavericks and you don’t want them to waste a maverick on a soft target. It would be good if either there was a new command to engage with laser rockets, or if they could just engage with the use rockets command.
  7. Thanks for checking Bignewy! It will be great if this Hotas function is intended to cycle the tad map between man, auto, and off.
  8. I have noticed this as well. Does China hat aft long work for you?
  9. This thread got moved out of the bug section. Is this not a bug? What is the intended function of this Hotas command because I don’t see that it actually does anything at this time? Thank you!
  10. Another happy customer here. I bought the deltasim slew upgrade and my only regret is not buying it earlier. I can’t believe how big of a difference it makes with slewing the tpods and mav screens. From very slow moves to bigger faster moves across the screen it does it all depending on how far you move the slew stick. Installation was easy, just don’t rush it and take your time and read the instructions and follow them precisely to avoid issues.
  11. I just did the first three missions today in the A10c II. No issues at all and switched out the gbu 12s for 54’s and added some laser rockets for fun. Everything worked fine except the preset radio channels weren’t set up so I just manually changed the frequencies. No big deal to do that and lots of fun and very useful to have the hmcs. Great missions by the way! Look forward to mission 4 tomorrow and whatever comes after that down the road.
  12. Ok, this may seem overly simple but I just realized that my screen height on my desk was ergonomically set up for typing, not for flight sims. The top of the screen lined up with my forehead. What I ended up doing is putting a couple of big books under my monitor stand to make the center of my screen line up with my eyes. Makes a big difference on lining up the HMCS. When my wife gets home I know I am going to get laughed at as having the monitor so high looks weird but I am really liking how my head angles with looking around the cockpit aren’t off.
  13. I am a track IR user as well. I 100% agree that the HMCS view is too low. I just put a request in the wishlist section. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4510621#post4510621
  14. I am a track IR user and all of the HMCS views for A10c, f18, f16 are lower than I would like them on my screen. I have to look down my nose so to speak in order to look at the center of the HMCS cross. I would like a menu option to be able to adjust the HMCS info up or down.
  15. Also make sure your air brakes are closed. The gun pac won’t work with them open.
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