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  1. USS Bowen FF-1079 has been released. Page 1 #22. Enjoy guys!

    USS Bowen (DE-1079/FF-1079) was a Knox-class frigate of the United States Navy. She was named for Vice Admiral Harold G. Bowen, Sr. (1883–1965), former chief of the Naval Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research, who was deceased at the time of her commissioning. Admiral Bowen's son and namesake, Harold G. Bowen, Jr., who also retired as a vice admiral, presided over the U.S. Navy's 1969 inquiry into the Pueblo incident.



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  2. Working the Iowa is a very big job. The weapons alone will take a long time to animate and code. I've found that once you start altering a model. It's very easy to mess something up and it would be just as difficult to repair it. I would rather create an Aircraft Carrier before i would create an Iowa Model. I praise the person that created it.

    I remember in the late 80s i use to see all those ships in Norfolk, VA. All lined up onbase. 



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  3. Thanks Greg! I appreciate it!

    There's an IOWA Class out there already. If i had that model i could easily add the Tomahawks to it. Not sure whose the Arthur! 

    I will be releasing the USS Bowen within the next hour. I've already put too much energy into it.. Somethings i just can't correct on her. I hope you all Enjoy her. I will continue working on the USS Bainbridge!!





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  4. With that said 50 CALs it is. Some weapons to protect against small armed boats.. 

    I'm working on Bainbridge also. I'm actually working three models at once. I do this to keep from getting bored with one model.  I just put a lil effort into each one of them. 



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  5. I think she is close to being ready for release. I've spent too much time on her already. I did what i could to correct the bow but it's not working out for me.  When i was stationed aboard her i don't remember ever seeing any stationary weapons so i may not add any 50 Cals unless requested.



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  6. I 2nd that.

    I have attempted multiple times to create Submarine and ship mods with Torpedoes but each time i add the torpedo code the mod doesn't appear in game.  Can you please release the code or tell us how we can use the code without using the code in the Chinese asset pack? Thanks!

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  7. Marroux you always seem to amaze me with your photos. I think the Apache's downwash lifted those flaps. They may be covering some cables or something and they lifted up when the Apache lifted off.

    Thanks for the video Shrike88! I see models out of there of her but wayy too costly.

    USS Bowen FF-1079 will be released this weekend. All weapons work. I'm not putting a lot of detail in her. I will keep it simple. USS Bainbridge is next in line! 




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  8. Hey Guys!

    I have released Crazy Eddie's refurbished S-70 Static model with liveries on page #1. 

    Esac it's possible but it's a very low poly model with an empty interior. Really only a static object.

    Thanks Prcowboy Eddie resolved the issue. 

    ---Once Montreal has been tested I will release the updated version

    ---I am making progress on the USS Bowen. One day at a time... 




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  9. Understood! 😄 Make sense!

    Noted so i will go through and create unique textures for each vessel. However, its not as simple as changing the name. It will have to be updated in 3ds max for each texture.  USS Bowen will be the first! Thanks Eddie for explaining!! 

    So for the Kidd i will try to update those textures.. However, it may be a while. For each problem that is reported on the mods. That is one day less to work on the next mod.  I only have weekends to work on them.. Remember i'm a one man shipyard!!  Thanks!!


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  10. Not sure why that is Western. I don't seem to have the same issue whether with or without the Duncan.  As mentioned earlier Western. Please PM me with any issues you have and i will work with you to resolve them. thanks.

    Amazing Toan! You have an entire ARG out there. Happy to see you are enjoying the mods. I seldom have the time too. I'm either creating or testing models.

    I hoping to finish the Bowen today!  Stay Tuned!

  11. Hey NGWR!

    I don't see any issues with the textures on the model. I haven't made any updates on her since the last release. I'm playing in the latest version of OPENBETA of DCS! I can upload my version if you like. Send me a PM and i will assist.

    Hey Guys, Whenever you have issues with the models please PM Me and i will assist you. If i have to work backyards it slows down forward momentum. As mentioned before i have very little time to work on the models so it delays the release of the next model. I have been working on the Montreal the last couple days making corrections so the USS Bowen may or may not get released this weekend. Thank you all for continuing to show interest in the models.




  12. Hey Greg,

    That makes two of you that know are Canadian! Glad you like her. 

    I didn’t add the liveries that Eddie created. Sorry about that. Once I get home today I will make sure the liveries connect properly!

    Hopefully I will be able to work from home again soon so I work on more mods.  

    It’s not hard creating the ship mods. First lesson is to know your tool. Blender or 3DS Max. I think Maya is more for animations. Ships are the easiest. 

  13. Thanks Gunslinger!  She will be released by weeks end or the weekend for sure or even sooner..  Something i've noticed also is there's a lot of people that like the older 80s ships.  All are a work in progress..

    So i have corrected the HMCS Montreal main lua script along with correcting the weapons code. I have just ran it through weapons test and all weapons worked as it should. You can see below that all the textures are intact. Please download the latest version as i have made some weapons code correction. With that said i have uploaded the latest version of the HMCS Montreal on page one. Version 1.0.4

    So please unzip the file and add the HMCS Montreal mod to the C:\Users\XXX\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\mods\tech folder. 






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