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  1. Tank, the moddler that created the models requested i not release them. I found out later they were pirated and sold on Turbosquid! I did get my $$ back. I had to sign a waiver with Turbosquid stating i will not release them.. I have found another knox Class frigate though. Still working on finding another CG. Cdodders i have the Ocean. It's a generic model but i don't think anyone would know the difference. Sometimes when i get distracted i work on it. So on my next release! I will be releasing four Model Ships!! USS Constellation FFGX-6, USS Freedom LCS-1, HSV-2
  2. Oh no Alvarolage! USS America is still a go. I will create that model.. It appears the Marianna's Map is soon approaching so i'm trying to create as many models as i can.. I am finishing up the FFGX weapon systems. Currently working on the Harpoon launcher animations.. WIP!! Linx, i fully agree! Unfortunately they would not let me release those models!!
  3. I will try to find another CG model.. i have another knox class not as good but it should work
  4. Hey Guys! So i just seen news that put a damper in my Carrier creation plan. It appears they have started working on the Forrestal Carrier. I think it's wise to leave it to the professionals plus they have a team to create the model. If i create a Carrier it will take a lot of time! I will still attempt to create one though. I haven't given up but it will probably be a generic model. For now i will finish up the FFGX Frigate! Cdodders i have a Type 26 Frigate as well. Toni was the Farragut around during the time of the Forrestal?
  5. I seen the Viics Torpedo go around behind a ship and then explode... Afterwards all the other torpedoes hit the ship directly!
  6. Testing the new RIM-174 Standard ERAM SM-6 Missile.
  7. Yes, i looked all over for a ship that resembles an iranian ship but i just couldn't find any. Some of the good russians models out there i can't use because of copyright! Shmoo, some models are just not out there..
  8. These are the ships currently in drydock!! USS America, Cavour & USS Constellation. Creating a Carrier will take a long time because it's a pretty big model..
  9. Charik80, i tested the other non-Harpoon missiles on the tarantula but i noticed a lot of them didn't work. Trial and error! Shmoo42. Unfortunately, there's no good Kitty Hawk, Constellation or America Carriers out there so i will probably have to modify the Nimitz Carrier. I have Big E. I will see if JFK is out there..
  10. Thanks Joey! It's probably more than i can afford also i'm sure. My plan is to work on the USS Kitty Hawk. I may have to alter one of the carriers i have to bring it to life.
  11. Hello Ello, There are a few models of the Moskva but i think they have been ripped from another game so unfortunately we can bring them to DCS. We need more modelers creating ship models. ED doesn't have any plans to create anymore ship models that i know of. So i guess i'm it for now at least for Modern ships. Hawkeye creates WWII ships.
  12. I think ED should use the code from the Viics submarine for the chinese sub. Below if the snake you mentioned.. i think it hopes it can hit a ship.
  13. Someone already released a model of the Queen! I couldn't find that specific model Cddoders!
  14. Unique idea Pappy! Coast Guard Ships will definitely be released before the Marianna Island map release. Unfortunately 2.7 has made it more challenging for us to make Submarines but i'm still going to try. I created a submarine a while back but now the Torpedoes won't launch. Midway, Big E and Kitty Hawk were definitely in my thoughts. I was leaning more on the Kitty Hawk. USS Kitty Hawk was the ship i got qualified to be a US Navy Harbor Pilot. In the photo below. I was either Navigating the Carrier at that time or Operating one of the US Navy YTB Tugboa
  15. Hey Guys! I have been getting a lot of request to build an Aircraft Carrier! The Ark Royal is being created by someone at the moment so that idea is out. Creating the model is easy but the shuttles and wires may be a challenge but i'm up too the challenge. Send me some names of Carriers and i will see if i can acquire the model and attempt to create it! I will finish the FFGX before i create an Aircraft Carrier though! Send me some ideas! Modern and older carriers. Thanks. r,Admiral189
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