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  1. Undercarriage gear, lever lock gate - down (currently moves the lock up into locked position) Undercarriage gear, lever lock gate - up (currently moves the lock down into unlocked position) Currently Down is Up and Up is Down
  2. Petrovich I think just needs an AI logic tweak so that he knows which selector #'s to use after losing either the Left or Right wings. Left Wing Guided missile stations are 1 2 (Outer) 5 6 (Inner). I went through my replay .trk and took control when setting up on the tanks (2nd pass w/ weapons ready), and when I try to fire Petrovich is set to Station 2, when I check by switching to the Operator (Gunner). Petrovich should be using stations 3 4 (Outer) and 7 8 (Inner) Right wing, when the Left wing is destroyed, and vice versa. Mi24MissingWingAICantFireATGM.trk
  3. @SnapRoll @BIGNEWY SnapRoll's steps to reproduce the issue are spot on. I just noticed this odd reflection tonight and went forum searching to see if it was reported. Once you have the behind pilot yellow tube reflections on the pilot's front and lower right cockpit gauges, you have to un-hide the Pilot Seat, switch to Gunner (Operator), and then back to the Pilot again to get rid of the yellow tube reflections. The logic for the reflection is just not right as to when it should and shouldn't display. Mi24YellowReflectionBug.trk
  4. I'm with Rogue Trooper, I use Default Trimmer Mode without Rudder Trimmer in both the Mi-24 and Ka-50. Central Position Trimmer Mode used to get me killed in the Ka-50 when I used it. I gave it a try in the Mi-24 and went back to Default soon after. CH Fighterstick CH Pro Pedals
  5. @Desert Fox I don't have that behavior. I can't replicate that.
  6. When targeting a Watch tower armed with Petrovich, the target is listed as UNDEF. WatchTowerArmed2Bugs.trk Edit: Just noticed in the Quick Start Manual UNDEF 1 and UNDEF 2. So maybe this isn't a bug?
  7. 'Watch tower armed' is still bugged displaying 'missing texture' after it's destroyed. Latest Open Beta
  8. Nope I haven't had any of these issues. Note: I'm using CH gear so I can't speak for TM WH but I wouldn't expect TM gear to have any issues. I would go through all of your mappings thoroughly. Check and remove any duplicates across your gear (Throttle, Stick, and Pedals). ## My Mi-24 Hind Startup Procedures ## Turn ALL Right & Left Circuit Breakers ON with the Levers Battery DC Power Left & Right Switches to ON Network Power from Batteries Switch to ON PO-750A Inverter Switch to ON Close Door & Seal Cabin Release Rotor Brake Fire Extinguisher Master Power Switch to ON Fire Extinguisher Control Switch to ON Feed Tank Valve Switches 1 & 2 to ON Left & Right Engine Fire Valve Switches to ON Fuel Delimiter Valve Switch to ON Fuel Tank 4, 5, 1, & 2 Switches to ON (External if equipped) DC Voltmeter Knob to BATT Start APU (Push for 3 secs) * Don’t exceed 880 deg C & Voltage not below 18 Volts Start Engine Opposite Wind Direction using Engine Select Switch & Start Button (Push for 3 secs) Lower Left / Right respective Engine Stop Red Lever Start remaining Engine and Lower the respective Red Lever Dust Filter Switch to ON (Only for Non-Runway) Increase Collective Gas RPM to 100% (95% Rotor RPM) Left & Right Generator Switches to ON PO-750A Inverter Switch to OFF Network Power from Batteries Switch to OFF AC 115V Transformer and 36V Transformer Switches to ON (Up) Left & Right Rectifiers to ON Stop APU Comp System, Gyro 1, Gyro 2 Switches to ON Cage Gyro 1 & 2 Press Buttons (Left & Right) Adjust Stops (SPUU) Switch to ON Yaw, Roll, Pitch Autopilot Switches to ON (I personally only like to enable Roll & Pitch) SPU-1 Radio NET 1, NET 2, R-863, HF, R-828 Switches to ON Radar Altimeter, Doppler (DISS), RWR Power, Blinker, IFF Switches to ON 3 Minutes after the guiding system is powered on, Set MAG (if not already set) and Press SYNC (Push for 3 secs) ARC-15 Mode Knob to COMP (Compass) ARK-15-U2 Direction Finder Switch to ON Air Condition Switch to CONDITION Taxi & Takeoff Edit: Oh wait you said "Hot Start." The two Autopilot Lights (Roll & Pitch) are lit green by default for me upon hot start.
  9. Wow amazing response VitMax and thanks for all the detailed information.
  10. If the real life Mi-24P has it, it would be helpful to have for at least the Pilot's seat. I didn't see a switch in the current implementation. I believe it gets mounted on the bottom right of the Pilot's seat.
  11. After watching this video I get the impression, even in the English Cockpit, that it's probably normal for some things to be in Russian.
  12. I noticed that there is currently no need to press and hold the Launcher Arm button, on the Pilot Weapon Control Panel, in order to launch Rockets. In DCS Mi-24P 'Guns and Rockets' Training it has you arm them before firing rockets. Looks like that just needs to be implemented, where they won't fire unless armed first. This behavior is present in the latest DCS Open Beta - 11.08.2021 Page 37 Mi-24P Quick Start Manual EN.pdf 12. Left Side launcher armed indication. Left-side rocket pod is armed. 13. Right Side launcher armed indication. Right-side rocket pod is armed. 14. Launcher Arm button. Activates the rocket pod arming mechanism. Rockets_Fire_Launcher_Unarmed.trk
  13. Regarding a track request, you can see it not lighting up in this Wags video where he's using the English Cockpit. After he gains enough speed (approx. 50 km/h), the OFF light does not light up. This behavior is present in the latest DCS Open Beta - 11.08.2021 English Cockpit - OFF Light doesn't work on the Hover and Low Speed Control Indicator Russian Cockpit - OFF Light works on the Hover and Low Speed Control Indicator
  14. Running DCS Open Beta - 11.08.2021 Switching back and forth between Default (Russian) and English doesn't resolve this. Also tried Repairing DCS, Uninstalling, and then Reinstalling the Module. In Chuck's Mi-24P .pdf guide, I can see where some of these are in English in his screenshots, so I'm not sure if something changed with an update, or if there is a bug switching between English and Russian cockpits. I'm sure some of this artwork is still WIP. Operator Seat Pilot Seat
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