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  1. I hope there will be a A-7P* (the Portuguese version) on it. I know the frame is the A version, but the avionics are the same as the E and apart from the cannon ( two 20 mm Colt Mk 12 cannons vs M61A1) and a ventral top antenna there's not much differences between them. At least a proper skin! *I wish the same fate for the Greek A-7H. Both countries have a lot of Corsair fans that would happily spend their money on their beloved plane.
  2. The only thing I see at the moment are some flashs from time to time (IL2). But yeah, maybe it was the patch. But in VR everything is smooth even if the FPS doesn't transmit the idea, not as smooth as Non-VR, but good.
  3. Il2 is kinda the same, I can't explain why as now it can go a little bit up sometimes (I did some tweaking but frankly I get lost in what changed). But avg is 45ish.
  4. I bought a i5-10600K (WC H60 Corsair) + Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X + Gskill TridentZ DDR4 32gb 3600 CL17 to match my RTX 2070 Super. I get 90 to 100+ FPS (no VR) on the Instant Action Super Carrier Trials Mission (on the carrier deck) with the F-14 140/160 over Dubai free flight with the F/A-18. 50/75 on the ground Mission Iron Hand Nevada 75+ on the air over Nevada Nellis AB. In VR I have a HP Reverb. I haven't tested a lot, but it's always at least 45 locked on the ground/carrier. With this setup (my VR setup in a non VR test):
  5. any IPD ideas for the Reverb? Gonna mess with it tomorrow just to check it out.
  6. Yeah, I get 45 fps locked on the ground single player F-14. 50/60 at altitude. Gonna try the carrier tomorrow
  7. Well after reading almost every thread, I bought a i5-10600K + Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X + Gskill TridentZ DDR4 32gb 3600 CL17 to match my RTX 2070 Super. I'm still waiting for some parts. Let's hope VR performance improves a bit!
  8. Yeah I know I'm in this "business" since Falcon 3.0, but frankly I didn't even know that the Super-Carrier had a manual. Too many modules. Too many sims. Can't stay on top all the time But thanks! :thumbup::thumbup:
  9. Is there any guide for complete and correct Plane-Carrier COMMs? I have been trying from what I've read here and there and 8 out of 10 I get "LSO: GRADE: NC : No proper communications"
  10. Yeap! Almost the same boat;D Well I have a 2070 S, its a little on the lower end but it has helped a bit. 16 gb DDR3, and Corsair water cooling. But I do have a reverb pro v2 and frankly DCS isn't a great experience with my rig and IL2 is always around 45 fps, but it's horrible when looking to the sides (everything warps). I can't spot a thing! I'm new to the VR scene, so it has been like taking a degree; setup and redo it, and trying it again, edit this file, try this mod, vr on, vr off, not its jagged, now it's slow. Anyway. I was considering 32GB of RAM at least. Everyone is
  11. I'm following this one as I need to replace my 4770 ASAP! :D I've seen the new 10600k also
  12. Well. So after a week or so of Reverb: I love it, but as it is my first VR headset my expectations were high and in some way they were fulfilled I think. Some things I noticed: 1. too many things have to be opened, WMR Home, SteamVR, fpsVR and sometimes there's all this confusion with the mouse and desktop, DCS, and alt+tab win+y, it's annoying af!! 2. I can see the lenses when using the VR, not all the time, but I certainly can see them some of the times (and the black frame around the lenses). I guess for the simulators this is what you would see in some way with the helmet/goggles
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