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  1. Hello, ED TEAM. I have two ah64d manuals in my hand. If necessary, I can share them to you!I just want to help You finish AH 64D TC 1-251 - Aircrew Training Manual - AH-64D.pdf (410page) TM 1-1520-251-10 - Technical Manual - AH-64D.pdf (1082page)
  2. Hello, I have a question for you: the new version of tacview has a 10 minute delay. How to cancel the 10 minute delay?I can't find an option to set,Help me please
  3. I want to ask you, if I give you the complete ah64d manual, can you make it? Will you be allowed to do it?
  4. Why do you want to encrypt 18 voice folders including other voice folders For example, F18 F16 a10c and other ground service voice are encrypted,I want to know why? Why not delete the original sound package and free up the hard disk space?
  5. Why does ed increase Sounds.edc Folder, why not allow players to customize the sound in the game to other languages? It seems that f18c and f16c can't use the voice package made by players. Why?
  6. Hello, why is the updated AV8B locked BNA.lua File, I just want to have fun in private, and it won't affect other players. It's not an aerial fighter. Ed allows players to turn on unlimited fuel and ammunition. Ed also has a green shield for online fairness. Why Group R should lock this file of AV8B for modification? I don't understand how it affects other players???
  7. Hi, I'd like to delete some old planes,like mig21 f5e because I didn't buy them, and I want to move the ground target birth area, closer to the airport, some tanks can not attack in the woods, very sad, thank you for your answer Thank you for what you've done for the player!
  8. How can I avoid this happening? Hello, the top right corner always shows the completion of the task, how to avoid it? I made a few changes to make the one-man game more in line with my ideas, Is this a bug ?thank you!
  9. i have a question need your help :) i have a question need your help :),look at the picture :)
  10. The problem has been solved, thank you very much! You did a great job. Good people live a safe life!
  11. Hello, my dcs is the latest beta, I used you to make the task file version, respectively, 1.51 1.53C 1.53D and so on, but have this problem, did not have this problem at the beginning. Then suddenly there was, my computer is win 7 64 bit, I uninstalled adobe flash player, I don't know if it has anything to do with it Now call an airplane, or a tank, or a ship, and it has a text prompt in the upper right corner, but there's no sound, and I initially thought it was a code problem with the dcs update,I am also waiting for you to repair it,It doesn't look like there's a problem with the mission, a
  12. Ships, planes and tanks, there was no sound at birth, and the coordinates were completely wrong, and they were completely invisible on the F 10 map I don't know if my computer lacks the latest DX vc or something?
  13. Hello, I have a problem That is, in the mission, the use of Zeus system to call tanks and aircraft, their coordinates are wrong, I can not find them at all, may I ask how to solve?
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